Let Help FDA Fight Illicit Drugs


The health of the people is one that cannot be left in the hands of greedy and selfish individuals, who would want to circumvent the law just so they could decieve the general public into patronizing their products.

The Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA), under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Opuni, has seen tremendous improvements in fighting against the sale and use of sub-standard drugs.

A week never passes without a report of the arrest one person or group of individuals who are selling fake drugs with so many claims of its efficacy.

What is worrying is that despite the vigilance and resilient of the Authourity, crooked Ghanaians and sometimes foreigners still continue to flout the law. There are standards and laid down procedures for obtaining permission from the Authourity if one wants to sell drugs, why can’t people just go through the right process to obtain the needed permission to sell their drugs?

It is a widely accepted claim that herbal medicines cure some ailments that orthodox drugs cannot, if we are to market our traditional drugs and earn a lot from it, the producers of Herbal drugs must learn to do the right thing and give credibility to the drugs they manufacture.

We commend the FDA for not given up despite the daunting challenges they are facing, making people even read politics into their activities.
We cannot get rid of drugs, once we consume them, so it is advisable to ensure that what we take in is wholesome before it does any damage to our body.

The calls for these charlatans to stop selling medicine in cars continue unabated, it is our hope that the FDA will take the fight to the various bus terminals across the country. The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) must be held liable if any of their members allow people to sell drugs in their cars.

We cannot continue to entertain these blatant disregards for the law, just so somebody can line his pocket at the expense of the innocent Ghanaian.

We appeal to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Custom, Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS), and other states agencies to police our Borders and other points of entry.

We cannot continue to allow these products onto our markets, before we clump down on them.

The FDA needs their collaboration and support to be able to weed out criminals whose activities continue to endanger the lives of innocent Ghanaians.

We say kudos to FDA, more grease to your elbows. Ghanaians appreciate your efforts, and are solidly behind you.

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