Let Easter Remind Us Of Our Sacrifice To The Nation

On Friday, March 29, Ghana will join the rest of the world as Christians celebrate Good Friday, a day which marks the birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter is essential. It is the celebration of the belief by adherents of the Christian faith, in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is a reminder of the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection in victory, that His people might be saved. This was an act of pure love.

This season, let us all as Ghanaians imbibe the message of Easter, which  emphasises love and peace.

The recent United States of America (USA) Military deal that the government of Ghana, has entered into, must give every Ghanaian cause for concern, our doors are opened for everyone from any part of the world who wants to come to Ghana and do business, but the carte blanche given the Americans to set up a military base, must be resisted.

Politicians, must not see the deal as an opportunity to cause mayhem, but rather a time to seek for deeper understanding, closer collaboration and engagement, so that at the end of the day, Ghana will be the beneficiary.

We must show love to one another and always preach the message of peace and unity, as against that which amplifies our diversity. Let us begin to reach out to one another and build a society strong in all its ramifications.

In particular, politicians who have a penchant for heating up the polity by fanning the embers of hatred among Ghanaians through their actions and utterances are advised to take advantage of what Easter symbolises and rethink their dispositions.

It does no one any good, if the polity disintegrates into chaos and mayhem overwhelms the land.

This is time for sombre reflection for everyone, on those things that will move the country forward and recreate love in our hearts for fellow human beings, regardless of ethnic, religious or political bias.

All Ghanaians, from those who lead to those being led, must see the need to embrace peace and harmony in our God-given land. It is time we took a decision to salvage the only country we have to call our own.

We must also be willing to make sacrifices for the good of all.

As we celebrate Easter, may our sacrifices bring the much needed unity, peace and love to our great country Ghana.


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