Lest We Forget June 3, 2015

Sunday, June 3, marked exactly four years, after the twin disaster that, claimed more than hundred lives.

Characteristics of us, the day was observed by mostly the victims. Who survived the disaster and their families at various churches, offering thanks to God for sparing them that fateful day.

In 2014, after the disaster, speeches were given by our leaders, assuring us that, never would such a thing befall this country again, but the things are needed to be done to ensure that, this promise is kept, are not being done.

Our leaders, have always been big on promises but small on delivery.

The solution to what caused the disaster is well known and has been articulated in many reports, even before June 2015.

A cursory look at our history books indicate that, the capital city, has been experiencing flooding since in the 50s.

We always wait for disaster to strike before we put on our thinking cups and set out to do what we should have done in the first place.

We are of the considered opinion that, they are some things that are beyond our control, but what happened on June 3, 2015, was not one of those things.

We have set up committees upon committees to look into matters that, should not have arisen in the first place.

Reports of the committees are gathering dust and whiles we wait to implement one, another disaster strikes and we have to go back again to forming a committee.

In this country, there is the excessive use of certain materials that are not bio degradable, such as like plastic.

This synthetic material, because it is easily available, cheap and light, is beginning to constitute a public menace because plastic pollutes the environment from the time they are manufactured till their final disposal.

Again, we construct roads in this country, without drainage facilities. Instances where drains are constructed, they are not covered.

We do a lot of things in this country, without taking into consideration the attitude of the people.

The Ghanaian, works at variance with common sense, laws means nothing to us, because the enforcer is equally guilty, so when we construct gutters without covering them, people will deliberately throw rubbish in them, choking the gutters in the process.

When it rains, nothing can stop running water, it will find its way and so our streets are always flooded, even at the least downpour.

As a reminder, since 2015, every year on June 3, we experience some downpour. It is God’s way of reminding all of us of our responsibility to the environment.

The former vice-president, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, launched a campaign on environmental cleanliness, his effort only lasted, as long as he was in office.

We cannot continue doing the wrong things over and over again, and expect any positive result.

On Sunday June 3, there was a little downpour, and as usual some parts of Accra, were flooded.

For how long can we continue seeing God’s blessing as a curse.





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