Lessons From Sogakpoe; Time To Take Action On Erring Police Officers

In recent times, there has been a steady increase in the number of police stations that are attacked nationwide, because of the mistrust between the officers in uniform and civilians.

Nothing can be disconcerting than those charged with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties come under attack by the people they swore to protect.

These days one can hardly turn the pages of newspapers or log onto the internet without reading stories of how angry civilians have attack a police station, in some cases injuring officers in the process.

The recent case of Marcus Mawutor Adzahli, the assembly member for Sogakope South Electoral Area in the Volta region, who on Sunday March 1, 202O was killed in his home in the presence of his wife and kids by unknown assailants, readily comes to mind, largely because of the action the youth in the town took.

The youth, in protest of the incident, accusing the police of laxity, blocked the road, burnt tyres and later besieged the District Police Station in an attempt to burn it down.

The same scenario played out last year in Yeji in the Bono East region, when angry youth attacked the police station and freed a suspect who happens to be the manager of Alive FM, who had been arrested and held in custody.

The attitude of the average Ghanaian police officers, especially those outside the major cities, in the opinion of this newspaper, is appalling.

If he is not drunk while on official duty, he is openly collecting bribe from hapless drivers, who oblige them. All these atrocities make a mockery of what these officers claim they were engaged to do.

The most painful of all to Ghanaians is the unpardonable defence or flimsy excuses given by their superiors, even when angry citizens take to the street to express their grievances.

Rather than engage and pacify such persons, they often go on the offensive against the protesters, and sometimes more innocent people are injured or killed.

Although there are incredibly thousands of policemen serving out themselves to ensure law and order, the excesses of a few others make nonsense of such sacrifices.

Agreed that policemen face a lot of challenges and work in very hostile conditions and environment, but there can be no justification for refusing to attend to distress calls, as happened in the case of Mawutor

As a newspaper, we are delighted that two officers, have been arrested following the disappearance of one service rifle at the Sogakope Police station.

The case of Mawutor, should not be swept under the carpet because enough is enough, someone must answer for his or her dereliction of duty.



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