Legon Daring Ghanaians?


The Republic of Legon on Saturday March 15, 2014, closed all access roads to the University campus, except the Okponglo entrance, which is open to the general public.

This impunity and reckless behavior is as a result of Government’s appeal to the university to suspend the tolling of its roads.

According to the Authourities of the school, the introduction of the tolls was among other things to control traffic on campus, so if Government had asked them to suspend the tolls, they will as much adopt other measures to control the number of cars that use its roads and that is by closing other access routes, except the Okponglo entrance.

The question that begs for answers is that once Government has pledged to pay for the loan contracted by Legon to rehabilitate the roads, does the roads still belongs to them and do they still have the right to do what they are doing?

The University of Ghana (UG), is not an island. The school is surrounded by communities, which includes other schools, the ones that readily comes to mind is the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and the Achimota School.

With the closure of the GIMPA entrance, what happens to students who live in and around east Legon, who must get to school on time?

Achimota School for example is made of two schools, and in between is a road used by motorist, what will happen, if they also decide to close the
road to users?

This decision and action by UG must not be allowed to stand, we cannot sit aloof and watch this arbitrariness to continue, without them being told what they need to hear.

Should National Security go in to demolish the structure that is impeding the movements of motorists and causing public nuisance, some busy body lecturers, will petition the President to sack the co-ordinator.

Government must treat the action of Legon as an urgent matter that must be addressed, before other Institutions follow suit.

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