Leaked chat shows how Shatta Wale verbally abuses, disrespects Michy


Sammykaymedia has received a series of screenshots depicting a chat between dancehall musician Shatta Wale and her baby mama over the breakup of their relationship.

Some part of the chat indicated Michy begging Shatta Wale to help her set up a food joint she intends to call it “Chopius Gizdodo “ to sell gizzard and fried plantain but Shatta Wale furiously refused and started reigning insults on her.

In a conversation with Sammykaymedia, Michy denied running away with Shatta Wale’s car as she provided evidence of ownership.

Another section of the chat depicts Shatta Wale angry at Shatta Michy for telling him about how ill she was, hence demanded little attention from Shatta Wale.

The last part of the chat depicted Shatta Wale calling the relationship a quit.

However, Michy told Sammykaymedia she is also done with Shatta-Wale.

Source: Sammykaymedia.com

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