The Last Nkrumah Legacy Dying


We can all pretend not to see that the Tema Motorway is deteriorating at a faster rate that if no immediate action is taken, we will add it to the remnants of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s legacies he bequeathed to us.

The Motorway is no longer the flagship road that it used to be. The pride of this country is almost become a death trap waiting to explode, whiles we all sit and watch.

When are we ever going to be proactive, instead of reactionary?

Weeds are taking over the road, the potholes are becoming one too many, the patches that have been done to the potholes are like speed ramps; the island which is supposed to enhance the beauty of the road has not seen any improvement. The least said about the street lights the better, they are today on and tomorrow off.

The rails that were erected along the shoulders of the road to safeguard both motorists and pedestrians are falling apart, depriving the stretch of road of its beauty.

Every day, from Monday to Sunday, motorists using the Motorway pay tolls, it is about time we demand from the managers of the economy or those manning the Tema Motorway, as part of enhancing transparency, to tell us how much money they generate on weekly bases on that road as well as how much goes into maintaining that road, because it is said that to whom much is given much is expected.

The neglect of the road is becoming too much. The visibility of the police we see around is absent along the motorway and that is not good. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan has brought some vibrancy and improved tremendously the performance of the Police personnel; we appeal to him to position some of his men along the Motorway.

Perhaps Government has plans to expand the Motorway, but that is taking too long.
The rate at which the road is deteriorating and falling apart, if nothing Is done quick, we will be spending so much money, when we decide to work on it finally.

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