Lack Of Recreational Facilities Is Among The Causes Of Suicide Among The Youth

The growing culture of suicide among the youth is one of many reasons why, after 60 years of Independence, we have not done well as a country.

The future leaders of the country, are taken their lives at will, without any tangible justification, albeit that, we have failed to consider, where we went wrong as a country.

Twenty years ago, we had so many places where we used as entertainment and recreational centers, but today, Ghana is turning into a concrete jungle.

We have failed to build and maintain the tourists’ sites we have been privileged to be bequeathed.

A visit to Aburi Gardens, will clearly tell a story of a people, who are fast losing their heritage. Gone were the days, when we had a park in every community, where we congregate to play football and engage in other games, we form teams during vacation to play among ourselves.

The National Theatre, was not only used for organizing awards shows, beauty pageants, but we had shows that brought, children and their parents to the place.

The Trade Fair, was also another avenue that afforded families a leisure time, they got to know and interact with each other, and so children, hardly had time to think about terminating their lives.

We have sold every available space and are raising high rise buildings and turning some into shopping malls, giving credence to the fact that, we are a consuming nation.

Those days every child belonged to the society, an elderly person can beat you for an offense and drag you before your parent, inform them about what you did, for another round of discipline, but today all that is absent.

Again, how many trauma centers, do we have in the country and in our hospitals? Some conditions don’t get enough attention; we have resigned those conditions to the backburner and are rather spending more resources into things that do not advance the course of our people.

The problem, in our considered opinion, goes beyond just talking, we need to first and foremost preserve our flora and fauna; we have to encourage the communal living and engagements that existed in times past, we have to pay more attention to our tourists’ sites and encourage more Ghanaians to patronize it, parents must pay more attention to their kids, it is not only money that they need, trauma centers must be established in all our hospitals and well resourced.

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