Lack Of Maintenace Culture Depriving N1 Highway Of Its Beauty


The George Walker Bush Highway, is one of the flagship roads in this country, in fact apart from the Tema Motorway, which is also fast deteriorating, the N1, is also experiencing the lack of maintenance culture, associated with us.

An island is created on the road for two main reasons, the first one is to divide the road and secondly serve as beautification of the road, where grasses or short trees are planted for aesthetic purposes, because of the emission of gas.

In Ghana, we have always exhibited lack of maintenance culture; this trend has led to the deterioration of many of our state infrastructures, handed down to us from our colonial masters, as well as our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

This problem, we all know about and talk about, yet no one is showing the way for others to follow. We have established institutions of state, with specific and defined roles, some with even conflicting roles, but nothing at the end of the day gets done.

The N1 Highway is one of our cherished heritages, anybody who, hitherto used that road, will testify to the reduction in traffic.

The Island on the road is gradually becoming like a forest, weeds have not only covered the ground, it is taking over the railings, as well as the barb wires that are supposed to prevent pedestrians from crossing the road.

The railings at some portion, have fallen off, the barb wires, used to cordon the place is also torn and lying on the floor, making the street lights, which are supposed to complement, what is already there, look like just poles, without any significance.

We are expecting the rains any moment from now, if the grasses and the trees planted on the Island are to grow nice, we have to weed the outgrown ones.

The relevant agencies, must not allow such a beautiful national pride to depreciate to the stage, where others have gotten to, because we sat and did nothing.

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