Labour Front Too Divided On Political Lines


We are amazed by the outpouring of sympathy and concern by various organized labour concerning the sale of Merchant bank to Fortiz Equity Fund. The question many would want to ask is, where were all these Labour Unions when Government in 2000 decided to sell to Ghana Telecom to Vodafone?

Maybe it is a little too late to ask that but it is worth noting that the Labour Unions who are today raising red flags about the sale of Merchant Bank to Fortiz did not spring up yesterday.

The selective amnesia that politicians experience depending on whether they are in government or opposition is creeping into organized labour and it is not a good sign, as sooner than later many members of these organized labour, will lose faith in their leadership.

They should be mindful that their members are divided across the various political divide, we have in this country, and so their actions and inactions will sow seed of mistrust and very soon people will begin to question their motives anytime they take a stand on any national issue.

It is good to be critical of what Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) does with the contributions of Ghanaian workers, most of whom are members of these organized labour groups, they should also remember that they entered into a relationship of trust for SSNIT to manage their contributions.

SSNIT has been able to effectively manage workers contributions over the years, albeit they have entered into some bad deals, but overall their performance has been excellent.

Organized labour, must not allow politicians to infiltrate their ranks, once they do that they lose the moral authourity to question governments or the opposition, who are also governments in waiting.

This apparent interest in the Fortiz Merchant Bank deal after Center for Freedom and Accuracy, led by Andrew Awuni, a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), decided to halt the transaction through a motion filed at the Commercial Court, is looking like the organized labour are doing somebody’s or
group of peoples bidding.

How many of them have made it a point to go to SSNIT and have them explain in details the whole transaction, depending on media reports and politicians to fight their case, is a bad way to safeguard the future of their members.

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