Kyei Mensah Bonsu Accused Of Working For Mahama


The Minority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, is being accused of working against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2016 flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, to brighten his chance of becoming president in the near future.

The Suame legislator, is said to be harbouring a presidential ambition and so he is deeply working on the blind side of his party with the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), to ensure that, President John Mahama, wins a second term, which will mean, a straight third time defeat for Nana Addo.

According to the MP’s accusers, if President Mahama wins the December polls, it will make it easier for him to contest as presidential candidate, to lead the NPP for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary polls.

This is the accusation by a member of the party in the Suame Constituency Hayford Osei Bempah, who has declared his intention to contest the forthcoming elections, as an independent candidate for the Suame seat.
A facebook account created to support the intention of the youngman said, maintaining the MP, who has served several years in Parliament, is equal to maintaining the governing NDC.

The young politician continued that, a change in Suame, will automatically mean, a change in government.

The message read “Maintaining Kyei Mensah is maintaining NDC government. A change in Suame, can change the NDC government as well. Kyei Mensah again…. NDC government again. He supports NDC to be in power till 2020 so that, he can buy the presidency. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t want Nana Addo to come to power”.

Though these claims were challenged by supporters of the party who sounded worried, Hayford and his campaign team, gave their reasons, saying in the event that Nana Addo comes to power, he would after serving four years, want to give way to his vice presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, to contest as a president, and that will mean that, if Bawumia wins, he will likely serve eight years before exiting.

This, Osei Bempah and his team believed, would dwindle the chances of Mr. Mensah Bonsu, who at the time would not have age on his side.

Their permutation follows “If Nana Addo comes to power… he will give the vice president, a chance to rule again for 8 years. Meaning, 12 years adding to his age, he might be too old by then. But if Nana Addo loses, he [Mensah Bonsu] has a chance to come in 2020, and contest with those who will be elected. Nana Addo can’t come again in 2020 so he wants a chance to be in there. If he doesn’t take care and Nana Addo wins, his presidential ambitions will die”.

The facebook account, which has many accusations leveled against the MP, continued “he supports NDC to rule because, he feels comfortable with them. He is working hand in hand with the NDC”.

One of his crimes is that he was supported by some NDC bigwigs, from Parliament him during the party’s primaries to be elected for another term.
“He brought NDC people to do campaign for him before winning his primaries. He brought the NDC gurus to Suame to help him win the seat again.
Whatever the NDC is bringing to the board, he supports them as our leader, and he helps them to pass these bills”.

They charged on the Suame MP saying, “he travels alone. He decides for all the NPP parliamentarians. He has the final say. What is he doing that makes people still trust this man?”

The independent candidate warned “Is either he still maintains his seat and NPP loses or, he goes off and NPP comes to power. Those who want Nana Addo to win power……Vote Kyei Mensah out.

We will change the hindrance MP who is stopping NPP from coming to power, 24yrs in power.

Let us kick him out for Nana Addo to come. Vote Hayford for the Suame, Vote Nana Addo.

When a follower on the page drew their attention to the fact that the legislator supports the flagbearer contrary to their claim and that the flagbearer supports him too, the team replied “Who told you Nana Addo’s man is him And has he tell you he supports Nana Addo? I was thinking like you till I understood somethings”.

We all want Nana Addo to come to power, but certain MPs, can’t help him to come to power, especially the Suame MP. He wants to be a President and so doesn’t support Nana in any way.

The team told the followers “Mr. if you are voting for Nana join us. But if you want Nana to lose, entertain that 24 year old in power who is without a mark of development. I supported him in 2012 until I crossed carpet to be independent. He is an NDC man. He supports NDC. Don’t make a mistake… vote for Nana. Don’t have passion for a 24yrs MP”.

Mr. Mensah Bonsu is also being accused of not performing at the Constituency level, another reason he must been shown the exit.

In a post, Hayford Osei Bmepah questioned, “Where is our MP’s Common Fund? Where is our Health Fund? Where is our MP’s Developmental Fund? These are few questions, the good people of Suame will ask me when voted into Parliament.

I will account to Suame constituents for the first time. The man, who subtly prides himself as being supported by the flagbearer, uses lantern as his symbol for his posters, yellow and red as his colours and posts Nana Addo’s posters alongside his.

There have been reports of “Agenda 2020” in the NPP, leading to the suspension of the party’s elected national chairman, Paul Afoko, general secretary Kwabena Agyei Agyapong and second vice chairman, Sammy Crabbe.

Others at the grassroots level, have also been suspended or sidelined because of this same accusation.

Until this fresh accusation, many had not heard of the Minority Leader’s name, and he is said to be discharging his duties against the interest of Nana Addo in the August House.

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