Kwesi Nyatakyi Should Crawl Back Under The Rock He Crawl From


I had to wait for a few days to pass to be sure it was Kwesi Nyantakyi, I heard speaking on Joy FM,  even after that, I only paid attention to reports carrying not only his speech, but his photograph as well, just to be sure it was not another Kwesi Nyantakyi.

But there he was, in his usual black suit, with his glasses on, and that broad smile.  Kwesi Nyantakyi, spoke for the first time on the Number 12 exposé carried out by Tiger Eye PI in 2018.

He spoke on Net 2, a station owned by Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, who has been his unofficial spokesperson and legal counsel, since the Number 12, documentary was released.

According to him, “Tiger Eye is a criminal organisation. They don’t have the license to do what they are doing. Going round, setting up people, recording and embarrassing them in public means you are operating like ISIS,” he told Madina-based Net 2 TV last Thursday.

I don’t know if he missed his way to his house or chambers, if he has returned to private practice, but surely, Mr Nyantekyi, the undisputed runaway life chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), does not expect us to take his crocodile tears seriously.

If he was crying privately, we might even have offered him buckets to collect his tears and then admonished him quietly for mockery.

But to make a public show of his concern about the modus operandi of Tiger PI, after all he has done horribly wrong after becoming the GFA president, particularly what he was heard saying about mortgaging not only the president but the presidency in the documentary, is an insult the grieving football people of this country could do without.

On June 6, 2018, Number 12 was premiered at the Accra International Conference Centre, seven months later, Kwesi Nyantakyi now sees the light and invites a long line of sympathisers to help wipe away his tears.

Not so fast. It’s important to examine his real motive and the timing of this interview.

A leading member of the Tiger PI team, Ahmed Hussein Suale, was shot and killed on January 16 2019 by unidentified men on motorbikes three times, twice in the chest and once in his neck in his vehicle.

Tongues begun waging and fingers started pointing at Kwesi Nyantakyi, as being a possible suspect.

Ahmed was believed to have played a major role in the Number 12 documentary, which led to the ousting of the once powerful man at the helm of football in the country.

So pardon my curiosity, when I am not at ease as to the purpose of this interview, when as a Kettle, Kwesi Nyantakyi sought to call the Pot black.

It is said that, when you are in a hole, the best advice is to stop digging, but not Kwesi Nyantakyi, who has enjoyed the limelight for so long that, when his cup was finally full and his sins caught up with him, is not allowing sleeping dogs to lie.

No one set him up, it was his greed and crooked character that got the better part of him.

During the course of the undercover investigation, some officials and football people, who were equally entrapped by the ISIS Tiger Eye PI, but because they are not corrupt and greedy, they passed the test with flying colours.

All the work that Tiger PI, has done, the most recent before the Number 12, being that of the Judges, some excellent Judges, who have been true to their office and privilege position in society, drove Anas and his team out of their offices.

If you are not a thief, no amount of persuasion, will make you steal. Ghanaians, especially football lovers, have always prayed for the exit of Nyantakyi, except they did not anticipate that, he will go out in such a disgraceful and humiliating manner.

After the debacle in Brazil and the arrogance Nyantakyi displayed when he appeared before the Dzamefe Commission, Ghanaians, were just counting the days, until his cup is full. And what a dramatic way to exit the stage, where he was caught red handed and this time, they was no way out for any co-efficient.

In coming to terms with the disgraceful exit he suffered after the expose’, Kwesi Nyantakyi, is happy to cover his shame with whatever he can find, including describing the Tiger PI, as a terrorist group.

Nyantakyi, can cry until the handkerchief factory closes down, his fake tears will not save him, the tears and the agony Ghanaians went through during his tenure as the Chairman of the Ghana Football Association, can only be imagined.

I will end with the words of Abraham Lincoln, “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light of that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong”

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