Kwesi Appiah Gets $114,000 Cash Compensation


…His Agreement With GFA Out

Contrary to early media reports that Black Stars Coach, is entitled to compensation in the region of US$876,000 as a result of the termination of his contract, a copy of the contract chanced upon by The Herald indicates that the ex-Black Stars Coach, rather gets US$114,000 compensation.

The amount is based on a 3 months’ salary compensation plan agreed upon by the Ghana Football Association (GFA), led by Kwesi Nyatakyie and the ex-coach, Kwesi Appiah, at a monthly salary of US$38,000, in the event of a termination.

Clauses 9, 10 and 11 of the contract, detail the terms under which the contract can be terminated with or without notice and compensation.

Clause 9 of the contract details the circumstances by which the Contract can be terminated without notice or compensation, while Clause 10 of the Contract penned by Kwesi Appiah indicates that the Contract will automatically terminate without notice in July 2016.

“This Agreement shall terminate automatically without notice on 31st July, 2016”, the Clause states.
Clause 11 details the terms for termination with notice or compensation.

“Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 9.0 and 10.0 herein above, either party may terminate this Agreement by giving a three (3) months written notice to each party or in lieu pay three (3) months’ salary”, it significantly states.

Per the termination of the contract this week, which do not fall under the circumstances detailed in Clause 9 and 10 therefore, the conditions set out in Clause 11 which allow any party to terminate the Contract at any time apply and Kwasi Appiah is entitled to only three months’ salary in place of the 3 months notice the FA failed to give before the termination.

The Contract also indicates that the former Black Stars Coach was entitled to a monthly salary of US$38,000, and thus per the Contract and specifically, Clause 11 which is in effect as a result of the termination, will be in the region of US$114,000, and not the colossal US$800,000 to US$900,000 bandied about, The Herald noted.

It is not yet known the source of the earlier information about the Coach being entitled to $876,000 and which part of the contract those sources cited before arriving at that conclusion or whether indeed, those sources have cited the real contract.

The legal teams of the GFA and Kwesi Appiah are expected to meet next week to finalize the arrangements on the termination.

The circumstances under which the contract could have been terminated without the three months’ salary compensation as found in Clause 9 of the Contract include; if the Coach had been found liable by any competent authority for an offence involving dishonesty, possession, use or application of illegal or prohibited drugs or substances.

If “found to have behaved in such manner that the continuous employment of the Coach is likely to bring the Association into public ridicule or the Coach’s behavior negatively affects the image of the Association or brings his job into disrepute”.

If “found to have fundamentally breached this agreement occasioned by (i) Refusal or failure by the Coach to act in accordance with his obligations under this agreement as directed by the Association”. (ii) Breach of the Coach’s obligation as to confidentiality as stipulated in this agreement, or unable to achieve the following agreed milestone; (i) Fails to qualify the Black Stars for AFCON January 2015”.

Meanwhile, at the Dzamefe Commission last Monday, it was revealed that Ghana doled out nearly $20,000 to an Angolan agent in Brazil for using his account to transfer funds to Brazilian service providers, while supporters stayed for the World Cup festivities in the South American country.

Lawrence Acheampong, who did not have any official position in Brazil, told the Commission that he was “the eyes, ears and voice” of the former Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, as he confirmed these revelations.

The I.T consultant was taking his turn at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry. The Commission is investigating Ghana’s shambolic participation in Brazil last June.

Despite travelling to Brazil three times to study the place and prepare the grounds for the fans and officials, Lawrence Acheampong said, the Committee still needed the Angolan agent to show the delegation where to buy foodstuff for the caterers.

In a particular instance, about $4,000 was paid to the agent for providing directions to the Supermarket called Redemais.

He confirmed to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that the agent was paid nearly $4,000 as commission for each of the five transactions he made on behalf of Ghana.

Despite having a Ghana embassy in Brazil, the operations team, he said, contracted the agent to facilitate the payment of purchases from the Supermarket.

Ghana could not immediately get the services of any bank in Brazil to help with the transfer of funds to service providers, he maintained.

“Thinking on his feet” as problems mounted, the Angolan agent was the best choice under the circumstances.
Lawrence who described himself as a “utility player” said, he deputized for Elvis Afriyie Ankrah at sub-committee meetings.

The Commission had a hard time getting facts from Mr. Acheampong, who was highly evasive during the hearing at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Larry Acheampong, needed the Justice Dzamefe Commission to remind him of his oath and the importance of providing the facts of the matters under investigation. The witness referred the Commission to coordinator of the World Cup Committee, Fred Darko for several answers.

Fred Darko, who had earlier provided his testimony weeks ago, had mentioned Larry as one of the officials who supervised the payment of monies to service providers in Brazil.

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