Kwesi Amoako Atta Must Define His Priorities Well

In a democracy, things are done according to the book, not arbitrarily, because people have unfettered and uncontrolled power.

The Minister of Roads, Kwesi Amoako Atta last Friday, is reported to have sent a carpenter to the office of Victor Owusu, the Highway Authourity boss, to lock him out and change the key to his office, all in cruel and undemocratic attempt to replace him with his favourite.

Even a criminal, who has been caught in the act, will have his day in court, much more someone, who has dedicated all his working life to the service of the nation.

There is a more decent and proper way of relieving people of their post, the Rambo style that, of sacking people from work.

As a minister, the president, has vested some powers in you to take certain decisions that you think is in the best interest of the nation. So if for any reason, you suspect someone, is not fit for purpose, they are laid down procedures in getting them.

The irony of the decisions we take in this country is that, when it comes to irrelevant things that serves the interest of a few people, we take them with dispatch, but when it comes to issues that affect majority of Ghanaians, we adopt snail pace approach to them.

The problems confronting Ghanaians, in terms of road infrastructure goes beyond one individual, if the minister, when he took the oath of office, had acted swiftly as he has done in this instance, Ghana, will have achieved a lot.

Amoako Atta himself, is a square peg in a round hole, he is where he is by virtue of his relationship with a president, who has appointed more family members than any leader, since Ghana gained Independence in 1957, all the leaders put together, and the number of family members, they have appointed, will not come anywhere near what President, Akufo-Addo, has done.

The person, who needs to be relieved of his post is the Roads Minister, what single initiative has he proposed to tackle the problems associated with roads in the country?

The streetlights on our flagship road, the motorway are not working, the ones on the George Walker Bush Highway, are not equally working, there is no a single streetlight on the Spintex road and many other places, and what will engage the attention of the minister is locking the Highway Authourity boss out of his office. He should set his priorities right.

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