Kweku Baako Knows Who Killed The Judges


Listening to the man, who claims to be the repository of Ghanaian history, especially during the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC)  and Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) era, it became clear to me that, he has the answers to the mysterious disappearance and death of the three High Court Judges and the army general.

He has never hidden his revulsion to the former president, Jerry John Rawlings, and so will go all out; including travelling out of this country to find evidence that could nail the man.

The absentee Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, made nonsense of Raymond Aquah’s well touted, but poorly executed documentary on Newsfile, last Saturday.

A lot of people, were at a loss as the rational of the documentary, 36 years later, when many people were not born.

The unfortunate incident, happened during the time of a generation, different from the one we have today, the circumstances are different from today, and the discovery will not put food on our table.

People are suffering, the economic conditions are biting hard and you produce a documentary with a question that you could not provide the answer yourself at the end of it.

Kweku Baako’s fixation for Jerry Rawlings was at display on Saturday. He never passionately discusses any topic, unless it has to do with Rawlings.

The documentary did not provide any new insight than we already do not know and in the public domain, it was much ado about nothing.

In December 2001, the Parliament of Ghana passed a law to establish the National Reconciliation Commission.

The law, known as the National Reconciliation Commission Act (Act 611), came into force on  January 7, 2002, when it received Presidential assent.

The goal of the Commission was to help reconcile the people of Ghana by finding out the truth about past human rights abuses and helping those who were hurt by the abuses to deal with their pain and to move on with their lives. The Commission will also help those who participated in the abuses to come to terms with the experiences and to obtain forgiveness.

After this exercise, it was agreed that, what happened on July 3, 1982, should never happen again, because it was clearly evil.

Tax payers money was spent to bring closure to this scar that is never to be forgotten in the history of our dear nation.

A lot of water, as they say has passed under the bridge, reminding loved ones of their loss and digging up old wounds, was completely unnecessary.

Kweku Baako, has proven himself with documentary evidence to know a lot about what happened, during the AFRC and PNDC uprising, unfortunately for whatever reason, his views was not sought on the subject, the documentary is thus empty, without substance.

When I heard the promotion, I thought the journalist and Multimedia, have stumbled upon new evidence that is going to wake our conscience up, but after watching it, I have come to the conclusion that, the current generation, does not want to be burdened with what happened 36 years ago.

Mr Baako on Newsfile, last Saturday revealed more information that adds to the puzzle about how the judges and an ex-soldier were abducted and murdered some 36 years ago.

According to him “By July 2, 1982 [two days after the abductions] Chairman Rawlings was aware of those involved in the murder because Amartey Kwei [member of the PNDC] walked into a meeting at the Gonda Barracks and when he was asked the whereabouts of the judges he replied ‘we have finished them’”

Mr Baako is, however, unable to understand how Mr Rawlings was aware of Amartey Kwei’s involvement in the crimes and still allowed him to serve in his military government until his resignation in late August that year.

L/Cpl Amedeka, who was also involved in the killings was still walking free until his arrest in August, not for the killings but for his involvement in a coup attempt against Rawlings, something Kweku Baako is unable to understand.

Isn’t it time for us to pause and ask Kweku Baako, why he did not make this information to the NRC?

Kweku Baako has been keeping this information to himself all this while, and he expect us like Don Quixote to swallow hook, line and sinker, because he is the Joseph of our time.

He is one person I admire so much and hold in high esteem, but this time around I have been disappointed, he is allowing his dislike and hatred dictate his utterances.

He said on Newsfile that, he was not the only person L/Cpl Samuel Amedeka, recounted the incident to, yet was unable to mention one person to corroborate his story.

All these revelations, could be an afterthought or if there is any iota of truth to it, since he was not the only prison mate of  Amedeka, can he provide the other names, so we can interrogate or verify from them.

Lauding the Joy News documentary ‘Who Killed the Judges,’ Mr Baako noted that the recount of history is important because “…there’s a need to continue the search for the truth, the whole truth, in spite of the NRC proceeding”.

What truth again should we spend money to search for, he holds the truth, he should just tell us who killed the judges, so we can put this sordid past behind us.



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