Kweku Baako Goofed On General Nunoo Mensah


Ghana is a beautiful land, with beautiful and hospitable people, that is a statement of fact. We take everything and anything, in fact sarcastically, we take nothing. We go to bed and wake, what we see, we take, questions are not asked and when asked, very little comes by way of answers.

I get honestly amused at our attitude to life and the very essence of what makes us what we are. My admonition this week is on a rather strange phenomenon that is hurting me, so badly and would like to share with my readers.

Since when did speaking the truth, became a crime in this country?

General Nunoo Mensah, the National Security Advisor, speaking at the commissioning of a nine-classroom block he has built for O’Reilly Senior High School in Accra last Saturday, the National Security Advisor said, the many strikes on the labour front showed high levels of indiscipline in the country.

“Take your passports and get out of this country. If you can’t sacrifice like what some of us have done, then get out. If the Kitchen is too hot for you, get out”.

Immediately after, hell broke loose. He has stirred the hornets’ nest. They were chorus of crucify him from people who disagree with what he said.

Unfortunately people I deemed to be above reproach, and have always seen beyond reason, also waded in uncharitable words against the General.
I can forgive Kwawdo Owusu Afriyie, also known as Sir John, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who I call the Sir of junks.

I can forgive Kwabena Bomfeh, also known as Kabila, for his unguarded outburst. Because to me these two gentlemen only epitomize the depth our politics have sunk.

They are giving voices, because we no longer have politics of common sense in this country.

This is how an unknown ignoramus, who was referred to as a leading member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) launched a rather scathing attack on the National Security Advisor describing him in unsavory words as the country’s “number one vampire” and an “associate crookish monster”, this is NPP’s National Youth Organizer, Emmanuel Atefuah Danso, talking.

He has a very crookish way of introducing himself to Ghanaians and the Delegates of the NPP who voted for him. I did not get his picture when I googled him, yet he is described as the National Youth Organiser of the biggest opposition party.

NPP relish for voting for clowns as party Executives. I hope the opportunity offered them next year, will herald an era where upright and credible candidates are elected.

The one person I cannot forgive in the milieu of General Nunoo Mensah’s comment, is somebody I can describe as a mentor, a role model and a patriot by all standards and that is Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide.

“I have high regard for him and I know him as someone who has tried to live by his standards; not subjected to all these materialistic influences but he goofed big time. The good old brigadier general goofed big time. What was he trying to communicate? As a national security advisor who is so worried and concerned; reflecting government position on industrial agitation and the need to find solutions to the problems; was what he said detrimental or beneficial to the situation? You are not a serial caller or a foot soldier or an ordinary member of government; you are the national security advisor… you will expect some level of self-control from a national security advisor”.

Countries that we look up to and are always in a hurry to mention were built on patriotism. The United States of America (USA), will for a longtime remain God’s own country, because the citizens are more than willing to die, when they are doing it for their country.

It is no wonder that despite the clueless and uncalled for wars of liberation that the country had embarked upon, their troops are always ready to go anywhere their leaders say they should go. It is a typical situation, where they are told to jump and they ask how high.

Kweku Baako is one of the few individuals who have sacrificed to have us get to where we are today, as far our fledging democracy is concern. He is still commited to seeing a just and fair society, where we all have a voice regardless of who is involved or where one comes from.

What has changed Mr Baako? Has the Good general suddenly lost his right to free speech?

Mr Baako, owns a media houses, and by implication employs people. I do not think it is easy for him to pay salaries. In fact journalists are the least paid workers in this country, considering the risk we face, yet we are paid pittance and sometimes that even is a problem, as some media men work for months without pay.

Mr. Baako’s empire is no exception, yet his newspaper is always on the newsstand. Has his staff ever embarked upon a strike action or threatened to do so. The answer is no.

Are they comfortable with how much they earn, the answer is no.
Mr. Baako will agree with me that one cannot ask for what one does not deserve. These workers who have developed the habit of embarking on strike at the least opportunity, never talk about productivity.

We can continue to pamper them, for political patronage. The country loses eventually.
The insults are unwarranted and unnecessary. We can agree to disagree, that is what a sane society does.

The NPP is in a haste to condemn the man to death, not because they do not see the sense in what he said, but because to them politics is everything. Power at all cost.

Why must you even draw the President in this? Is General Nunoo Mensah not a man enough to hold his own views and since when did the advice of the National Security Advisor become law and must be accepted by the President whether he disagrees or not.

Let be serious as a country for once. When the soap is dirty what shall be used in washing it indeed.

A Brief History Of Ghanaian Worker Since 1992
When Jerry John Rawlins was President they complained of hardship

during the tenure of John Agyekum Kufuor they complained of hardship

when late President John Evans Atta Mills took over they composed hardship tunes

Now that John Dramani Mahama is in control they are still shouting of hardship.

One thing is certain, no president can change your bad conditions, unless you focus and work hard for yourselves and the country. You reap what you sow.

This is the only country we have.

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