Kufuor Built Jubilee House; So Akufo-Addo Wants To Build A National Cathedral

No amount of explanation, and press conference, can justify the use of scarce state resources to build a National Cathedral, which is going to add up to our consumption expenditure.

Only last week, president Akufo-Addo, said that, his government was having funding challenges, as far as the free Senior High School (SHS) education is concerned.

The government had to introduce double track system, because of lack of facilities, especially classrooms and halls of residence.

Contractors and suppliers are crying over the inability of government to meet its obligations to them.

The fact that, things are hard in the country is no longer news. Why would you spend the little money available to chase a promise that, has no significance on the lives of your people.

Ghana is a religious country, and so everyone would agree with the idea to build a national cathedral, but certainly not at this time and location.

First of all, some of the houses that have to be pulled down, were constructed five years ago, pulling the buildings down come with a cost.

The government has promised to build new bungalows on the Second Secular road-Cantonment, which would be completed in 2020.

Demolition-building national cathedral- building new bungalows.

These are cost, we could have avoided, if we could look for an unoccupied land and build the national cathedral, and save our nation the cost of pulling down buildings and building new bungalows.

We stand with the rest of Ghanaians, who feel the location of the national cathedral is not necessary. We should open up the country, by building the national cathedral, either in Dodowa or Prampram.

According to Justice Samuel Kofi Marful-Sau, a Supreme Court Justice nominee, it is imperative for the judiciary to be supported financially, in order for it to fulfill its role in the country’s democratic dispensation.

This and many other calls, including the demand by the Judicial Service for a better condition of service, is the reason why we feel the national cathedral at this time is not a national priority.

As a media outfit we commend the Appeals Court Judges, for the opposition to their eviction.


The government must use the money to embark on job-creating infrastructural development, assisting start-ups, investing in education, agriculture and the health sector are, to all intents, more pragmatic ways of worshiping, thanking and praising God.



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