Kufuor Had 692 Staff In His Office


The Herald’s investigation into the brouhaha generated by the President’s annual report to Parliament on Presidential office staff, has revealed President John Agyekum Kufuor, as having shockingly had 14 members of staff, more than President John Mahama.

A document (see front page) dated March 18, 2005 and bearing the signature of President Kufuor said, he had a total of 692 members of staff including, Special Assistants, Social Secretary, seamstresses, swimming pool cleaners, watchmen, washer men and messenger, against President Mahama’s 678 members of staff.

What is interesting is that some of these officers are permanent officers and are still at various designated post serving President Mahama, except the political appointees, who have had to vacate their offices upon the expiration of a president’s four-year mandate.

They could be found at State House, Black Star Square, Peduase Lodge and the numerous official Guest Houses under presidential Safe Houses, including the famous Australian House located at Cantonment.

Names such as, Kwadwo O. Mpiani, D. K. Osei and Annan Arkyin Cato, were sighted in the document as heading President Kufuor’s Presidential Staffers in their capacities as Chief of Staff, Secretary to the President and Secretary to Cabinet, respectively.

This revelation, puts Mr. Mpiani’s suggestions on Radio XYZ yesterday that President Mahama’s Presidential Staff was too bloated in doubt, as President Kufuor even at the beginning of his second term, had more staff than President Mahama.

The 2005 list, also showed President Kufuor, as having had more members of staff throughout his tenure of office than both President Mahama and the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, who The Herald’s investigation showed had 625 members of Staff as at July 30, 2010.

The “Annual Report to Parliament on Presidential Office Staff” is Constitutional; it is in pursuant to Section 11 of the Presidential Office Act of 1993, Act 463, which requires the occupant of the highest office of the land to submit the number of Presidential Staff employed in the office of the President to the Speaker of Parliament, annually.

The Speaker of Parliament, is also to know the ranks and grades of these staff, as well as the employees from other Public Services assigned to the Office of the President.

President Kufuor in his letter addressed to Speaker Ebenezer Begyina Sekyi-Hughes wrote, he had “Three (3) Presidential Staffers …as at 31 December 2004…”

“Employees in Public Sector Organisations assigned to the Office include; Civil Servants of various classes (i.e Administrative, Executive/Clerical, Secretarial, Supply and Material Management, Accounting and Data Processing), Household, Audit Service, Ghana Health Service, etc. The total number of these staff is 692……” President Kufuor wrote.

Mr. Gabby Nsia Nketia, Cecilia Dapaa, Mr. Tommy Amematekpor, Mrs. Oboshie Sai-Cofie , Mr. NB Ayitey Boafo and Mr. Mike Adjei, were designated by President Kufuor in the document as his Special Assistants.

Mr. Kwabe Agyepong, was designated as Press Secretary to the President, while Ms. Frances Agadzi was designated as Social Secretary to the President with Mr. O. B. Amoah and Mr. Armiyao Haruna as Special Assistants to the then Vice- President, Aliu Mahama.

An office vaguely known as Policy Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PCMEU) had Prof. Kwaku Appiah-Adu, Dr. Samuel Somuah,Mr. Dan B. Agyeman, Mr. Kwasi Ankamah, Mr. Sam Annan and Mr. David Annan.
The Breakdown Of Civil/Public Service Staff At The Office Of The President In The Kufuor Presidency Were as follows

1. Administrative Class 17
2. Executive/Clerical/Personnel Class 15
3. Senior Computer Programmer 1
4. Secretarial Staff 33
5. Supply & Materials Management Staff 13
6. Protocol Unit 2
7. Records Class 13
8. Household Staff (see Appendix “C”) 417
Total strength of Administrative, Secretarial, etc = 511
And Presidential Household Staff.

1. Department of Parks & Gardens Staff 52
2. Ghana Health Service 14
3. Controller & Acct-General Department’s Staff 21
4. External Audit Staff (Audit Service) 15
5. Internal Audit Staff 5
6. Ghana Post 4
7. Ghana Telecom 5
8. Ghana National Fire Service 9
9. Public Works Department 56
Total = 181
, .

Grand Total = 692


There were 65 Drivers attached to various units of the Office –

The number of staff was 24 all based at the State House Workshop

These were 45 in number and distributed among the Castle, Peduase

Lodge and Official Guest Houses

There were 101 Cleaners based at the State House, the Castle, Peduase Lodge and other Government Guest Houses.

There were five of them, all based in the Castle

They numbered 26, mostly night-watchmen, and assigned to the State – 26 House, Black Star Sqare, Peduase Lodge and Official Guest Houses.

There were seven (7) Washmen assigned to the State House and Castle

There were 13 Messengers serving the various units in the Castle

There were a total of fourteen (14) Artisans comprising Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Masons and Painters

There were three (3) employees in the Castle Library

There were a total of forty-eight (48) Stewards located at the Castle, State House, Peduase Lodge, Independence Square and State Guest Houses.

There were two (2) Receptionists, one in the Castle and one at the State House.

There were three (3) in number, distributed as follows:
State House – 1, and Peduase Lodge – 2

There were two (2) Caretakers all at the Castle

The office had a total of fifty-two (52) Catering Staff spread among the
Castle, State House, Peduase Lodge and State Guest Houses.

There were five (5) in number and distributed as follows:
Castle – 3, and State House – 2
Deputy Comptroller Of Household
There was one (1) based at the State House

Investigators, there were two (2) Investigators being staff of the erstwhile Confiscated Assets Committee (CAC) who were handling residual functions of the Committee

More to come!

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