Kufour & His Men Made Me A Better Man


With Their Political Persecution –Dan Abodakpi

The former Ghana’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Dan Abodakpi, a strong contender for the chairmanship slot of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) says, he has forgiven John Agyekum Kufuor and his administration for the trauma they took him through in 2007.

According to him, the trial he suffered under the leadership of President Kufour and the NPP, has made him a patient man.
He recounted how he was taken through such a horrible ordeal by his political opponents and in the process lost his beloved mum and brother, while serving his jail term.

The ex-Trade Minster, explained that all he did was to be working on Ghana, having a Science and Technology Park, towards creating a knowledge based economy, as well as mobilizing support for the national industrialization.

He had earlier worked tirelessly to setup the Free Zones Programme, the building of the Air City in Accra, the introduction of the Ghana Trade and Investment Gateway Programme, the development of the Destination Inspection and Computerized Risk Management in place of Pre-shipment Inspection among others.

Mr. Abodakpi, who was a serving Member of Parliament (MP) for Keta Constituency in the Volta Region at the time of his incarceration, made these revelations at a press conference last Friday in Accra, where he declared his intention to contest the NDC chairmanship slot.

He is in the race against incumbent, Dr. Kwabena Adjei and the National Disaster Management Organization boss, Kofi Kpotuphy, who doubles as one of the Vice Chairmen of the NDC.

He said, his decision to contest for the position of National Chairman of the NDC is not a personal one, but a decision borne out of an extensive and deep consultation across the broad spectrum of the party.

“The call for the NDC to have a new lease of life has become a very urgent one; and the call cannot be ignored”, he said.

“My mission is to reconnect the National Democratic Congress Party to its original core values and to its mass base via the strengthening of the structures in accordance with the valued principles of genuine participatory democracy and all-inclusiveness”.

He explained that his vision was to provide a new dynamic leadership; the pivot around which the collective energies of the NDC shall revolve.

He said, having played a founding role in giving birth to the NDC, and having also worked and sacrificed alongside many other comrades to build the NDC through its 22 years of existence, it will be careless on his part to ignore the calls by the rank and file of the party.

He intends doing this, by positioning himself to forcefully engage in a selfless role, aimed at walking the party back into the hands of the grassroots, when he wins the slot at the party’s National Congress slated for October 26 to 27, this year.

“People suffered to build our much-cherished NDC Party; People have suffered a lot of persecution because of their commitment to building and protecting the NDC; People have lost their lives in the process of building the NDC; and we cannot; and must not allow our dear Party to drift away from its mass base and a huge national appeal”, he said.

He pointed out that “many of our fallen foot soldiers and cadres; the real unsung heroes of the struggle; will not forgive us if we allow their sweat and toil to go down the drain”.

In his view, there was some level of anger and despondency among the footsoldiers and cadres of the party, because they had been left out in the decision making process at the grass-roots level.

To reverse this trend, Mr. Abodakpi said his vision was to provide a new dynamic leadership around which the collective energies of the party, including the united cadres group, would revolve to win the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Mr. Abodakpi, is the first to publicly and at an official function declare his intention to contest the chairmanship position, once the go-ahead is giving by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party.

Among the many achievements at the Trade Ministry include; pioneering the introduction of the Ghana Community Network and Ghana Customs Management systems (GCNET and GCMS) which are unique electronic platforms for managing International trade transactions, to maximize customs revenue collections at ports of entry.

The establishment of the Export Development and Investment Fund (EDIF) to help address the problems of cost of credit and credit availability for entrepreneurs involved in Export trade and product development for exports.

He also instituted the National Tourism Award Scheme to motivate practitioners in the Tourism Industry and established Ghana’s Diplomatic Mission in Malaysia in pursuit of strong trade and investment ties with ASEAN.

He also pushed the construction of infrastructure across the country to promote expansion and growth in the traditional Kente industry.

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