Kudos: All Assemblies Doing The Right


City authorities in Accra, are up in arms against residents and businessmen who have built on waterways and unauthorized places, blocking the free flow of water anytime, there is a downpour.

The recent action by the city authorities was informed by last Wednesday’s downpour that claimed over 100 lives. As unfortunate as that incident was, we should not have gotten to this point, where instead of counting our blessings; we are rather counting our losses.

We commend the various Assemblies for wanting to do the right thing, correcting the wrongs that have been done to this country, by many money-loving civil servants, who do not care about the consequences of their action.

We, however, want to sound a word of caution to the Authorities to act by the book. There are laws governing how demolitions must be carried out. The right permission must be sought in order to safeguard the public purse.

In our haste, nothing should be done that will bring extra burden to the government. Ghanaians have now accepted the courts and are quick to rush there to demand for judgment debts.

All well-meaning Ghanaians are aware of the havoc caused by the indiscriminate ways of putting up buildings and would support any effort by the city authorities to reverse the trend. The courts will grant any permission for as long it is for the public good.

We share in the pains of those who lost their loved ones, three days of mourning have been declared by the President, how we ensure that we never go through this painful experience, must not be a knee jerk reaction, but a conscious effort to ensure that it never happen again, and not share these tears.

We simply failed to plan Accra, permit were indiscriminately given to developers, we lost the fight long ago, pulling down structures, will only go to a certain length, we cannot even if we wish to pull down all structures on waterway.

We must do re-engineering, we must use the benefit of technology to divert the running water anytime it rains, that is the best and only option we have. Until then we pray that nobody drags any District or Municipal Assembly to court.

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