Kpessa-Whyte Gives Life To National Service Scheme


The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS), has begun a nationwide outreach programme visiting institutions where National Service Personnel (NSP) have been posted throughout the country.

The programme is supposed to on one hand, be an avenue to gather feedback from user institutions on how NSP are coping in their respective institutions, and on the other hand, provide information for the Scheme to update its criteria, processes and programmes involved in the placement of NSP in respective useragencies.

The outreach programme, is also to highlight the contribution of the NSS and the National Service Personnel to the socio-economic development of the country.

The programme which is being led by the Executive Director of the Scheme; Dr. Michael Kpessa-Whyte, will visit every sector of the Ghanaian society reflecting the broad spectrum of places where young graduates serve the country as their National Service every year.

The programme, which began last week Monday, has already taken the Executive Director and Management of the Scheme to GRIDCO, GHAPOHA, GNPC and NESTLE Ghana limited.

At GRIDCO, Dr. Whyte, expressed his appreciation to the company for hosting them and accepting Service Personnel to be trained in their institution.

He said NSS management, was visiting some institutions to appraise themselves with the performance of Service Personnel posted to them as well as share ideas on how to improve the Scheme. Dr. Whyte noted that the visit was also to assure that Service Personnel that they have not been abandoned by the Scheme postings.

He said “it is not enough for the scheme to post personnel every year and seem we have forget about them, so we thought that now that the pressure on posting has reduced, it will be proper that having posted them to you, we must do follow up on them.

Human Resource and Services Manager of GRIDCO, Commander (Rtd.) WG Samuel J. Allotey said the company received seventy seven Service Personnel with different backgrounds last year and have since not recorded any bad reports with respect to their work.

He said, management of GRIDCO would equip the personnel with the needed skills on business ethics and how to conduct themselves outside work. Commander Allotey added that they have good communication channels for effective communication. The Human Resource and Services Manager said the performance of the Service Personnel have been encouraging so far and urged the Scheme to give them more Personnel with engineering and electronic backgrounds.

The Executive Director subsequently had a brief discussion with all the Service Personnel after the delegation was also taken round the site to see the Service Personnel working. Carl Eli Nuworklo, a Service Person briefed the team about his work and how the service has improved his level of experience on the job.

The Executive Director denied reports about 20 percent increment on the national service allowances and urged them to contact the Secretariat for any information.

The next destination of the team was GHAPOHA, management visited that the GPHA Headquarters to hold the second meeting with the GPHA Board, and also interacted with the Service Personnel.

At the meeting, Mr. Kumi Agyei Sam, Acting General Manager for Administration, welcomed the delegation.

Dr. Whyte, acknowledged the wonderful effort of the GPHA towards building a vibrant nation. He said the visit would help strengthen the relation between the two institutions.

Mr. Agyei Simon on his part, said the GPHA for the 2015/16 service year had deployed 422 National Service Personnel various branches with Tema Port recording the highest number of 75 personnel.

He said that notwithstanding, GPHA enforces discipline and sanity in their way of work and believes that the training being given has yielded positive outcomes. The motivation, he said includes receiving allowances on time, free medical treatment and others.

He said, failure to adapt with the requirements at the working place, attracts possible sanctions and cited an example where one service person was sacked for absenting for about 42 days without tangible reasons. After interacting with service personnel at the Golden Jubilee Terminal of the Tema Port the team moved to GNPC.

GNPC, for 2015/16 service year took on 61 NSP. According to HR Department, the general performance of the NSP in the various departments has been encouraging. The GNPC has had a policy of retaining every hard working service personnel over the years, the Scheme commended them for the good training and mentoring of the personnel year after year.

In furtherance of this outreach programme, the management of the scheme led by the Executive Director, spent a working day at Nestle Ghana limited at its Tema factory last Friday. The team interacted with personnel from the factory floor, through the central distribution and the Administration departments.

The Executive Director, later interacted with the Managing Director of Nestle Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone; Mrs. Freda Y Duplan, they both emphasized on the need to train the youth in a way that they can take over the management of institutions in the country and handle it better than it is being done now; hence the need for discipline.

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