‘Kpa Kpa Kpa’ Man Demands GH¢50,000 From Guru And Glo


Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei the man behind the viral term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” is demanding an amount of GH¢50,000 from Hiplife artiste Guru and telecommunication company Glo in form of royalties for using his term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” for commercial purposes.

Mohammed disclosed this in an exclusive interview on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana”. According to him musicians and big companies are taking advantage of his origination and they are cashing in on it, whiles he wallows in poverty with his wife and five children.

“The word Kpa Kpa Kpa is very popular but I am suffering. My five kids have been sacked from school for not paying their school fees and they are home now. I am not working and my wife is also not working but look at the way people are using Kpa Kpa Kpa everywhere in their music and radio jingles all over the place and nobody will even call me to give me one Ghana cedi”

The term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” went viral late year when Mohammed granted an interview to Joy News on his thought on the general assessment of the Ghanaian economy. In a funny video of the interview on YouTube Mohammed explained in a funny way how thing are very difficult in Ghana but he is surviving on Kpa Kpa Kpa movement.

Though he was not really able to explain thoroughly what he meant by Kpa Kpa Kpa, when the interviewee asked him to explain, his passionate way of speaking made the video an instant hit on social media. The term has subsequently been used by musicians, politicians and companies in one way or the other.

However, Mohammed who believes he is the originator of term Kpa Kpa Kpa in Ghana said he has not benefited from it but other people are making money with it. He said he wanted to create the official Kpa Kpa Kpa movement with people from his area but before he realized Guru had already released a song with it and Glo have also used the term in one of their commercial campaigns.

“I created Kpa Kpa Kpa I am the originator and people are using it to make money I think they should settle me with something”.

Asked if he has confronted those who have used the term, Mohammed said he met Frank Agyekum who is Guru’s manager and Frank bought items including rice, oil and other glossaries in form of a hamper worth GH¢355 and a cash amount of GH¢160. He explained that Frank gave that to him as a Christmas gift and promised to settle him later but he hasn’t heard from him again.

He further explained that the same Frank took him to an agency in charge of Glo commercials to talk about how much Glo was going to pay him before they use Kpa Kpa Kpa in their commercial. According Mohammed, they agreed that Glo should pay an amount of GH¢4000 through the agency and the agency asked them to go and that they would get back to them but they never did yet a Glo commercial is currently running on air with Kpa Kpa Kpa.

Asked how much he wants as royalties Mohammed said he wants to be compensated with GH¢50,000. Mohammed shed tears during the interview claiming that rich people are making money and taking advantage of him because they have realized he is poor and he doesn’t have any legal backing and Frank has also refused to pick his calls since December 2014.

Meanwhile, Kpa Kpa Kpa Movement was officially registered on 12 January 2015 and both Mohammed and Guru’s management have denied knowledge of any registration.

On his part, Frank confirmed buying the said items and giving Mohammed the cash amount adding that he told Mohammed to be patient and that he would sort him out in due course.

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