Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Has Only One Functioning Ambulance

We condole with Selorm and his family, following the unfortunate death of his uncle at the Korle-bu Polyclinic.

According to Selorm, whose message was widely circulated last week on social media, the final journey of his uncle, started when they were turned away from the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

The ordeal was no different when they got to the Korle-bu polyclinic, where the uncle eventually went the way of all mortals.

There are stories and anecdotes of an increase in the negligence of our health care personnel, who have sworn an oath to protect and preserve human life, yet their actions is lamentable and calls for sober reflections, considering the pivotal role they play in the country.

But while, we are of the opinion that, a lot of them do not have the compassion and empathy for the job, we are also reminded that, the conditions under which they work, leaves much to be desired.

We were told of a story of a medical doctor in Korle-bu, who had to resign to private practice, because the equipment and implements needed to aid him in his work, were simply not there.

How can it be said that, the biggest referral and teaching hospital in Ghana, has only one functioning ambulance.

If this cannot make us angry enough, then God save us all. The only two things that get us on edge in this country, is politics and religion, any other thing is just secondary.

The only time people will pour on the street to demonstrate, is when it has political implications. We do not respect the dignity of human life.

No matter which political party is in power, if as a people, we do not begin to be angry about things that affect us, we will change political parties, but our situation, will remain the same.

Our leaders, have the luxury of travelling outside to seek for medical care, it is incumbent on us to insist that, they repair the broken health care system.

Traditionally, a safe and sound healthcare delivery system is dependent on the quality of practitioners, which in turn depends on the quality of the available equipment.

It is actually the responsibility of the government to ensure that, al hospitals in the country are well equipped with modern gadgets, as well as transparent procedures put in place to ensure that, those who flout the rules are dealt with.

Sometimes, we just wonder, if we should even sympathise with unemployed nurses, who picket at the Ministry of Health, demanding for posting, just to get it and go and treat patients like trash.



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