Korle-bu Teaching Hospital Has No Incinerator

The biggest referral and teaching hospital in the country, Korle-bu, has no incinerator to burn waste generated by the hospital.

Medical waste, due to its content of hazardous substances, poses serious threats to environmental health.

This waste is very heterogeneous in nature and often contains some infectious elements, thus it is essential that the handling and disposal of the waste is conducted safely.

Medical wastes that can be incinerated include: Infectious wastes from hospitals, healthcare wastes, wastes from the maternity ward, expired drugs, surgery drugs, biomedical wastes, pathological wastes, pharmaceutical wastes etc.

Sterilization or autoclave disinfection, can also be used to dispose off medical wastes, but incinerator can be used for all types of wastes originated in a healthcare institution.

We find it disappointing that, Korle-bu, which is the jewel of this country, lacks basic equipment needed for effective and efficient healthcare delivery.

The hospital, has failed to live up to the challenge in infrastructure and medical equipment posed by private hospitals.

The well-to-do in the society, prefer to seek for medical help at private hospitals or travel outside, in which case they is capital flight.

Apart from marked down prices, and the acceptance of the National Health Insurance Card, nobody with deep pocket, would choose a government hospital over a private one.

It is quite pathetic that in 2018, we should be talking about an incinerator for Korle-bu. Our checks at the hospital which we wrote about two weeks ago, was that, Korle-bu only had one functioning ambulance.

We have medical staffs that do not care about human dignity; patients are treated with so much disdain, without anybody getting punished and to burden them with lack of equipment is to make them more heartless.

We have to begin to get our priorities right as a nation. A healthy nation, they say is a wealthy nation.

If we cannot invest in making sure that, our hospitals and clinics, have the basic tools, such as gloves, tissues, oxygen and other implement needed for quality healthcare delivery, then we have failed as a nation.






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