Komla Dumor Made His Mark


We mourn a lot of people and celebrate very few. One of the few people we celebrate today is Komla Dumor, who like many great men before him, had been a good Ambassadors for Ghana and Africa.

Last Saturday, we woke up to the shocking news of his passing. This was somebody, who had hosted the programme “Focus On Africa” on BBC the previous night, looking well, healthy and hearty.

He signed off, with the promise of returning on Monday. How sad life could be, you are born, you grow up, you get expensive and higher education, strive to be the best, try to change things from good, better, to best, make a name for not just yourself but family and country, get international recognition and attention, hold an enviable position, work day and night, you don’t even get to “grow old” and then you die.

After you die, in less than twenty four hours you get a replacement who “fits easily”, everybody says all the nice and sweet things about you, you get buried and in a couple of months (if not days) you are forgotten. We must learn to take life easy and realize that we are replaceable. Komla died Saturday and on Monday a replacement was found to host the programme, he killed himself for.

Reading a lot of the tributes and testimonies from close friends and people who were fortunate enough to meet him, if there was anything that defined him, it was his friendliness.

It may not sound right, but we at The Herald think a lot of the things the young ones go after in life these days is empty of significance, it is not peace, togetherness, understanding and love for one another, but self agrandisement.

Fair thee well brother, till we meet again, may the heavens smile at your arrival.

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