Kokofu Traditional Council Launches Opemsuo Festival


The traditional council of Kokofu, a prominent tourism community within Bekwai Municipality in the Ashanti region, has again launched the 5th edition of the annual Opemsuo festival.

The event according to authorities, seeks to call to memory the history surrounding the birth of the first King of the Asante Kingdom, Nana Osei Tutu I, and his countless heroic contributions that led the formation of the Asante Kingdom.

Kokofu community, which according to history is the hometown of the first King of Asanteman, will again capitalize on the event to prove to the world that, it stands out as one of the key tourist destination in the country, and again attract the attention of investors, individuals to channel their much needed support to promote the development of the area.

Speaking during the launch, the Omanhene of Kokofu Traditional Area, Nana Barima Offe Akwasi Okogyeasuo II, underlined the event as the type that demands the support of all within the region, considering the gallant achievements of Nana Osei Tutu I, in his fight for a united Asanteman from which many are taking pleasure.

A person who considered not his life, but out of selflessness and love for the then communities which made up Asanteman and posterity, sacrificed his strength for a united front, Nana Barima Offe Akwasi Okogyeasuo II, indicated is worth to be remembered and that his place of origin (Kokofu) needs to be offered the needed attentions in the area of development.

According to the committee for the event which is scheduled to take off within the month of September this year, the celebration, will included other side attractions, such as a beauty contest for the selection of Miss Kokofu 2016, who will be appointed as the face of Kokofu community, and will be in charge of the welfare of the youth, inter-school drama competition, as well as the awarding of prizes, a mega music concert, among others.

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