Kofi Amoabeng Fraud Case Takes New Twist


General Legal Council Suspends Law School Lecturer

A Nigerian–born Ghanaian lawyer, has been suspended from legal practice by the General Legal Council; the main regulatory body for the conduct and administration of legal education and profession in the country.

 According to a letter sighted by The Herald, Martin C. Nwosu, who has lived in Ghana and worked as lawyer and a lecturer at the Ghana School of Law, has been banned from practicing for a period of six months, for conduct the regulatory body of the General Legal Council deems unacceptable.

Behind Martin C. Nwosu’s improper conduct, is the owner of UT Bank, Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng, who is being pursued by Naa Otua Swayne, over a property in Osu.

The lady insists that, Martin C. Nwosu, whom she had engaged as her lawyer, sold her signature to the ex-Ghana Armed Forces accountant, Captain Amoateng, through some fraudulent means to dispose off her property to the UT bank boss, some 12 years ago.

A statement signed by Judicial Secretary, who is also secretary to the General Legal Council, Justice Alex B. Opoku-Acheampong, said Lawyer Nwosu’s suspension, started from last month, April 27.

The disciplinary hearing was presided over by the incoming Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, onetime sister in-law of Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

All court in the country, have been notified and informed not to entertain him, until the suspension is over. Martin C. Nwosu, is said to have confessed to unprofessional conduct during interrogation by the General Legal Council.

The Herald is informed that, the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID), has another fraud case against Martin C. Nwosu and a lady lawyer currently based in the UK.

“NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Lawyer Martin C. Nwosu is hereby suspended from legal practice for a period of six (6) months with effect from 27th April, 2017”, it said.

As a result, his license as a practicing lawyer has been withdrawn for the six months period that he is supposed to serve the ban.

“The license of Lawyer Martin C. Nwosu to practice for the next six (6) months, is hereby withdrawn forthwith”, the statement.

Lawyer Nwosu, according to the Council, has had to be punished, because he failed to exhibit good conduct, while serving as council for a client.

He is accused of preparing and causing to be executed, a contract of sale for his client, Mrs. Otua Swayne without first sighting the Deed of Assignment, although she had in her instructions, informed him that the same had already been executed and in the custody of a third party subject, to some other conditions which were to be met before the said Deed was to be released to the Assignor.

It was the same property, Mrs. Swayne, filed a case at the Human Rights Division of the High Court in 2013 against the then Chief Executive Officer of UT Bank, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, accusing him of fraudulently acquiring her property through the release of the title deed of the said property to one Mr. Alexander Adjei (now deceased) to secure a loan from HFC Bank.

For failing to protect his client’s interest which is supposed to be his major priority in the sale of her property known as Plot No. 23, 1st Ringway Estate, Osu, the Council has suspended him.

He is not supposed to be allowed into any court room to serve as a lawyer for any client, unless he is done with the ban later this year.

“You are kindly requested not to allow him appear before your respective Courts during the period of his suspension”, the statement said. Lawyer Nwosu at this period of his suspension from practice, is also not allowed to parade himself as legal practitioner or attend chambers, or render any service whatsoever to any client until he has completed his suspension in October this year.

“During the period of suspension, he shall not hold himself out as a Legal Practitioner or attend Chambers, or render, or purport to render any professional legal service to any person whomsoever, wheresoevers”, the letter said.

By its setup, the council is empowered and authorized to determine the policy and focus of legal education and training, as well as the regulation of professional legal practice and ancillary matters.

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