Kofi Ada, The Burden Of Insincerity

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s  quest to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by 2020, may continue to be a mirage, until certain steps are taken to ensure that the right policies and people, are not only put in place, but also given a mandate that can be measured by all Ghanaians.

At a sanitation forum organized by the Graphic Communications Group in Accra last Friday, Sanitation and Water Resources minister, Kofi Ada, who has been under fire for non-performance, decided to turn his gun on Zoomlion, blaming the company for the filth in Accra.

The minister displayed a defeatist attitude, his anger towards Zoomlion, only goes to confirm why many well-meaning Ghanaians are of the view that he is incompetent. It was an act of irresponsible arrogance that any Ghanaian should stand up against.

The rains are about to set in, we have constructed roads without drains and where we have, the drains are not covered, another disaster is waiting to happen, the minister should have taken advantage of the forum to tell Ghanaians, what he was doing to avert any disaster, as well as how many landfill site, he has provided since his appointment.

There is, indeed, no limit to the theatrics that the Sanitation minister, is capable of. He expects that Ghanaians, will always tolerate the nuisance he is beginning to constitute himself into.

He had this to say on the issue of filth in the country, “Dr. Agyapong, I am sorry to disappoint you here. Today, being engulfed in filth…I feel a little bit disappointed”.

“We generate waste every day, so must we sweep every day. We ought to sweep, collect transport and dispose of every day. I don’t think for the past year or so Zoomlion has done so well on that”.

With this pronouncement, Kofi Adda, was likely doing either of two things or both. One, he might have been playing to the gallery with the pretentious intent to make Ghanaians believe that was not the problem

Or two, he could, belatedly, have decided to purge himself of the insults he has received from Ghanaians, since he accepted the appointment, either way he was wrong to put the blame entirely at the doorstep of a company that, has not only shown commitment, but the capacity to rid the city of filth.

We must all accept the fact that, the waste we generate every day, cannot be handled by one company, attitudinal change is also necessary, if we are to realize the dream of the president.

Kofi Ada, needs to be told in blunt terms that Ghanaians are sick of his theatrics,  his ineptitude is so blindsiding that the blame game he has started, will not keep our cities clean.

We want to see what proposals; he has to ensure that, we realize the promise of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

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