Kill Fulani Cows Directed At You – Police, Military Ordered


The Eastern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Awuntubuge Awuni has directed security personnel in the Region to shoot and kill what he calls “stubborn cows” belonging to Fulani herdsmen in the region.

He gave the order during the re-launch of the campaign, “Operation Cow Leg” aimed at driving out some of the Fulani herdsmen who are said to be causing trouble in the area.

A total of 120 security personnel made up of the Military, Police and Immigration were on Monday deployed to some areas of the region believed to be terrorized by the nomads.

Police Commander, DCOP Awuntubuge Awuni bemoaned the Fulani menace saying it is becoming a major concern and must be dealt with.

He told the team of security personnel that “I don’t want you to come back with one of you missing” but said “you are not by this directed to go and start shooting indiscriminately but you have every right to defend yourself when you come under attack.”

“There are occasions when cows are directed towards security personnel when they are trying to enforce law and order as far as the Fulani herdsmen are concerned and my instruction is that gun down the cows who will be directed at you. You need to live to be able to enforce law and order but
don’t just go there and start killing animals. Until your lives are put in danger be very professional. We want to make sure that the people who
live in these areas live their lives in peace,” he added.

The security personnel were deployed into the region following reports of the invasion of the Fulani herdsmen in areas including Dwerebease and Abotreansa in the Kwahu area.

Reports are that they herdsmen are polluting the source of drinking water with their cattle and when the inhabitants protest, the normads are quick to unleash more mayhem.

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