Kennedy Agyepong Is Like A Kid In A Candy Shop


You can’t carve an image from a rotten wood-Anonymous.

Please raise your hands if you know the name of the most disgraced and out of line politician that was birthed as a result of the fourth Republican Constitution and a big prize is yours. The clock is ticking, am counting down, one, two, three, four. Five. Correct, the name is Kennedy Agyepong, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central and owner of Kent media.

It was Plato who said that Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. I think he made this statement with Kennedy Agyepong in mind. He foresaw a loose cannon even before he was born. He has infected his poisonous venom on the good people of this country, for a long time.

He even made history as the first Ghanaian to be reported to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague, for his genocidal comments, when he asked Akans to kill Gas and Ewes.

How does he wish to be remembered?

Kennedy Agyepong is an interesting character; he lives, eats and breathe on controversy. He cannot stay away from controversy. Anytime he opens his mouth, what comes out is always unbecoming of an MP.

“I can tell you that, I have what it takes to become NPP Presidential Candidate even more than many of those names out there and I can beat Alan Kyeremanteng hands down but with Nana Akufo-Addo it will be a little difficult,” says Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, NPP MP for Assin Central Constituency in the Central Region.

This is a report I saw on PEACEFMONLINE, attributed to the Daily Dispatch. Kennedy Agyepong was quoted in the Newspaper as having made this remark on a Kumasi based radio station, Hello FM.

Kennedy Agyepong is orally fixated and can’t control himself when a microphone is put before him, he us like a kid in a candy shop.

How can anyone in their right senses, possibly compare themselves to Alan kwawdo kyeremanteng, who came close in 2007 to leading the New Patriotic party (NPP) for the 2008 elections, but for his peaceful and gentlemanly nature, he accepted that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should go to keep the party intact.

Despite Nana Addo going back on his promise of allowing Alan Kyeremanteng to go after him, as John Kufuor said to him, he (Alan) is still keen in entering into a fair contest and hopefully will beat the old and tired Nana Addo this time around.

Why am I not in the least surprised, Kennedy Agyepong’s sudden outburst and dislike for Alan is borne out of the recent exposure by the office of ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor that Kennedy Agyepong benefited immensely during his stewardship as President, he got juicy contracts running into millions of Ghana Cedis from the Ministry of Energy, some of which he never executed, but yet got paid.

As an opportunist that he is, he is trying so hard to catch the eye and attention of Nana Addo, so that when he becomes a President, any sensible person know that projection is impossible, the same spoils that he got under Kufuor, will be extended to him.

The good news for Alan kyeremanteng is that the inability of Nana Addo to make any good showing in both the 2008 and 2008 elections, aside his own personal attributes is because of people like Kennedy Agyepong, whose public utterances stinks and pushed people away from the party, so yes Alan does not need Ken’s support.

Might I remind him (Kennedy) that the only person, who has the capacity to deliver victory and the Flagstaff House to the NPP, is Alan Kwawdo Kyeremanteng not Nana Addo.

Nana Addo has both in the 2008 and 2012 elections told them that he does not have what it takes to win national election.

The Delegates of the NPP can throw him up, for as many times as they want, Ghanaians have unequivocally told them that they don’t want him to lead them. The presidency is a serious business not an inheritance for people who are ill equipped for the exigencies of the office, but only on an ego trip.

I don’t think Dr, Kwame Nkrumah, our founder; know this country more than Nana Addo. Even sitting Presidents, who had eight years, do not know the nooks and cranny of this country than Nana Addo, his campaign and the various tours that he embarked upon prior to the 2008 and 2012 elections was enough to secure him the victory that he so much desired, yet on both occasions, Ghanaians said no way. With all apologies to Kwame Pianim, a renowned economist and a member of the NPP, any idiot can hold a flag, but not rule a country.

Kennedy Agyepong is an ungrateful being, despite the help and the business opportunities that ex-President Kufuor gave him, like a fowl after eating; he is using his mouth to scratch the ground.

The last time I checked, he struggled to win his Seat in the last elections. The writing is clear on the wall that his people have had enough of his buffoonery and loose talk.

“I can also tell you that I will not contest for the Assin Central seat again because of too many demands from many Ghanaians across the country. I want to have enough time for my business and also follow the next flagbearer of the NPP to campaign for power come 2016 across the country,” he explained.

This is a smokescreen to prevent a disgrace, but not a question of demand from anybody. If he so much has faith in Nana Addo, I think he will advance the same advice to Nana Addo that he should not contest again.

Ghanaians politics have had enough of the two of them, so if he is contemplating leaving Parliament, that is a relieve, not only to his Constituents, but the whole country. Nana Addo has also overstayed his welcome and relevance; we can’t wait to see these two personalities leave politics for good.

The abhorrent politics of whitewashing bad people and throwing mud at good people has made the political sphere unattractive to some patriotic, selfless and visionary Ghanaians. For us to build a society where credible and competent people are willing to serve, we must desist from politics of patronage.

Nana Addo can be whitewashed to look like a calico, he still does not appeal to Ghanaians. There is a saying in Ghana that goes like, if you know somebody; you do not need light to identify that person at night.

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