Ken Ofori Atta Went to Parliament To Insult The Minority

On Wednesday, June 7, the Finance Minister was invited to the August House to answer an urgent question, filed by the Minority in Parliament in relation to the 2.25billion dollar bond.

Instead of answering the questions filed by the minority, he went there, set his own questions and proceeded to answer.

What he did in effect was to tell the minority that, they were not intelligent and should have asked the questions, he answered.

Since the advent of the 2.25billion dollar bond, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, has been very evasive about the whole transaction.

Documents that are property of the public, have been kept away from the public even upon request by citizens of the country.

The minority did what is required of them, even in the face of attacks, but to meekly just walk to parliament and dazzle your way out of the relevant questions asked, cannot be accepted.

This is not the first time this country, has issued a local bond. Why is it that, this is the only one that is fraught with suspicion, mistrust and conflict of interest.

One entity, buying more than 90 percent of the bond, is a cause for concern for every well-meaning Ghanaian. The minority, should never stop asking the relevant questions, no matter how long it takes to arrive at the truth.

The clandestine nature, in which the bond was issued, has left many questions than answers. Insulting and casting aspersions at the minority and anybody, who dared to ask about the propriety of the bond, will not deter people from being citizens rather than spectators.

Even if the New Patriotic Party (NPP) uses their majority in parliament and the fact that they are in power to suppress the truth, posterity will demand for it.

Today, the government is exposing alleged corrupt practices that took place under the previous administration, Ken Ofori Atta, should also remember that, he will have a date with Ghanaians, when the National Democratic Congress (NDC), win back power in 2020.


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