Ken Ofori-Atta And The Deadly Embrace With Corruption

The rate of graft in the country is becoming worrisome. More so is the scenario, in which those who have been given the mandate to manage our resources are doing so to benefit them, their families and friends.

On Tuesday, the government suspended its concession agreement with the Power Distribution Services (PDS).

Government in the statement announcing the suspension said “fundamental and material breaches were detected with the demand guarantees that enabled PDS to manage the assets of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)”.

The decision taken at this time in the opinion of this is too little too late, as well-meaning Ghanaians, including this newspaper, since last year, have warned the government to watch before it leap as far as the concession agreement was concerned.

As usual, those who think knowledge only resides in their heads and they are more Ghanaians than all of us, ignored the warning signs.

Reports available in the public space give the indication that, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, must be blamed for the apparent lack of due diligence in the whole transaction.

In the words of Energy expert, Kojo Opoku, “the blame for the failure of due diligence to be done over the concession agreement between government and Power Distribution Services (PDS) Ghana Limited must be laid at the doorstep of the Minister of Finance and not any other”.

In this country, mistakes do not happen by accident, Ken Ofori-Atta, is too experienced to enter into any agreement, without knowing what he was doing. If Ghana was Databank, his finance house, we do not think, he will enter into an agreement like this that has cost the country millions of United States dollars.

This newspaper will support every and all efforts to bring about justice as regards the bare-faced raid on our national till.

We are encouraged by the words of the minority in parliament that those behind these deal, will have their date with the long arms of the law at the altar of justice.

This country is bleeding too much and anywhere or anytime there is a whiff of corruption, the name of the finance minister, will not be left out.



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