Kate Middleton Is Exactly The Wife Diana, Princess Of Wales Wanted For Prince William


Claims Friend

Kate Middleton might not have ever met her mother-in-law Diana, Princess of Wales, but according to a friend of the late royal she would’ve been exactly the kind of girl she would’ve picked for her son to marry, a new report claims.

Diana died when William was just 15 in 1997 following a car crash in Paris but according to handbag designer and close friend of the royal Lana Marks, she’d already predicted her eldest son would fall for a brunette beauty, just like Kate.

“Kate is absolutely everything Diana wanted,” she told the Daily Star.

“She even said William’s wife would have dark hair. Diana wanted someone down-to-earth for William, with a close family unit so he could enjoy a
normal family life.”

She added: “She wanted a future queen of the people, for the people.”

Going on to reveal she agreed with “secret tapes” that were recently reported on in the US media where Diana is said to have said her son would marry someone “beautiful, smart and independent”.

“I knew Diana very well during the last 18 months of her life” she claimed.

“Diana discussed with me in great detail what she wanted for William in terms of a wife, children – what she wanted for his future. When I hear
the contents of the tape, they echo what she discussed with me in great detail. It is uncanny.”

While Diana had already passed away before she had a chance to meet Kate, Prince William made sure his mother was part of their engagement in 2010 when he proposed using the sapphire ring his father had given to his mum over 30 years earlier.

Explaining why he chose it he said in an interview with ITN following the engagement news: “It is a family ring, yes. It’s my mother’s engagement ring. So I thought it was quite nice because obviously she’s not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all – this was my way of keeping her sort of close to it all.”

In the same interview Kate, who would go on to become the Duchess of Cambridge admitted she had huge admiration for her later mother-in-law, she said: “Obviously I would have loved to have met her and she’s obviously she’s an inspirational woman to look up to.”

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