Kasao Traffic Situation Worsening By The Day


The traffic on the Kasoa road is becoming unbearable for road users by the day; both ends of the road have a fair share of traffic.

If you are yet to experience what it means to be in traffic, then Kasoa road is the best test case. The effect of the traffic we all know, fortunately we also know the causes of the traffic. The traffic is as a result of the intransigent behavior of the traders, who have decided not to vacate the old market along the road and relocate to the newly built market, with all the facilities that a modern market have.

In this part of the world, it is becoming obvious by our behavior that persuasion does not work; the only language we all understand is force.
How does a Government spend money to build a market, big enough to accommodate as many traders as possible and they just refuse to go and occupy it, because of a flimsy excuse hat people do not patronize their wares there.

What is even worrying is the apparent silence and lack of action by the Awutu Senya Municipal Assembly under which Kasoa falls.
We cannot claim to be developing when simple thing as occupying a market cannot be obeyed and enforced. We are suppose to be moving forward and so must appreciate development.

Buyers, are rational humanbeings and will adjust to situations as and when it is available, if some recalcitrant traders, at the initial stage failed to move, definitely as a buyer, to save time, cost and proximity, as well as familiarity, will still go to the old place, but had all of them move and the issue resolved, they would only be operating from the new market, buyers or consumers had no choice, but to go after them.

The Assembly authorities, whose responsibility it was to ensure that the traders stay in the new market, sat aloof, and allowed them back to the old market, making the traffic situation worse than it was.

Somebody must be charged for causing financial loss to the State, because it was tax payer’s money that was used to build the market, which is now a white elephant. The traders have taken over the road and nobody seem to care, the reason for the construction of the new market, was to help control the traffic, but has that has not been achieved.

Tomorrow, should government decide that the road must be expanded and the traders moved, we are going to hear the cries of ‘we have been selling here for years now and this is what we do to pay our wards school fees and feed them etc.

We must nib this in the bud, before it becomes a full blown problem more than it is already causing.

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