Kaneshie Divisional Police Command In Distress


One of the oldest divisional police commands in the Greater Accra Region, Kaneshie Divisional Police headquarters is in a sorry state as results of lack common chairs, office space and others amenities that are needed for personnel to function fully.

The police station just opposite the popular Kaneshie market lack amenities like urinals and toilets facilities as well as a befitting office space for the personnel and the commander of the station.

Instead personnel and the members of the general public who have issues to deal with at the station are made to use a wooden structure adjacent to the main office of the Divisional commander as a urinal.

The situation has created a foul odour within the surroundings of the station, couple with the stench emanating from the uncollected garbage in the market.

When the news team visited the area last week; it came to the fore that command has over the years been operating in a wooden structure with all the noise from the market polluting the office ambience.

After a thorough inspection of the deplorable conditions at the station, when The Herald contacted ACP Ernest Owusu Kwabena, Commander of the Kaneshie Divisional Police said all is not lost as the leadership of the police command is working to remedy the situation in the next few years.

He gave the assurance that the police management together with his efforts as well as that of the benevolence of some individuals and friends are putting up a two-storey office complex to ameliorate the situation.

He said the uncompleted office block, if completed would house all the administration of the station and provide the amenities befitting of a police station.

He revealed that work on the project is almost 75 percent and it is expected to be completed by the August this year.

According to him, very soon the administration of the station would be moved to the new block to create better conditions of service for personnel.

He was quick to add that conditions as it pertain at the station is demoralizing to the personnel as they sometimes had to fight over common chairs to get the administrative work running at the station.

The Divisional commander said it is sometimes embarrassing when people walk to his office ask him is this your office?

It is against this background I decided to embark on the project to get a befitting office space for personnel since I was transferred to the
station four years ago.

The commander who is also a lawyer by profession said the station has been through a whole lot of transformation and very soon ‘when we move to the new building, people will begin seeing the development that has taken place at the station’

He took the opportunity to appeal to well-meaning organizations to come to the aid of the station and further thanked all those who have assisted in the transformation of the station over the years.

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