June 3 Disaster: We were given only cooked rice and Fanta Victim Alleges By Gifty Arthur

One of the victims of the June 3, 2015 who lost her storey building to the fire-water disaster, has said it was worthless to spend funds to commemorate the sad event, when government has reneged on making compensation packages available to them.

Vida Kotey argues that, marking the disaster brings a lot of horrifying memories, but it becomes even more painful, when they remember how authorities have failed to compensate them since 2015, yet are eager to mark it annually.

Madam Koney, recalled during the first anniversary, authorities only gathered them and gave them Fanta and cooked rice with numerous pledges, but none has been fulfilled.

She suggested that, authorities discard the idea of marking the disaster and focus on compensating them or they shouldn’t observe it at all.

Speaking to journalists ahead of the commemoration last Saturday during a clean-up exercise, Madam Koney, said they have waited upon the authorities since last year when they took their contacts, but to no avail.

Madam Koney and her household, lost their story building right behind the filling station to the inferno but till date, no one has come to their aid, and so they have abandoned the building.

“No one has come to support us, our properties have all destroyed. When the incident happened government officials came to our houses, pledged and took our contacts so we thought we would hear from them but till date nothing has been done.

Since the incident, you have marked first anniversary, this is the second year and so when we see it being marked, and it’s brings us painful memory. If they won’t give us anything they shouldn’t mark it”, she said angrily.

The angry Adabraka resident said, they would have sent government to court to ensure they are compensated, but they do not have the means and also, since the incident happened, everyone in the house has deserted the building, because it is inhabitable.

She begged the new government led by Nana Akufo-Addo, to ensure they are compensated and their house fixed, so that they could return to it.

“The burning of the house has brought us a lot of pain. We have had to abandon the building. The same way they have come to fix the roads and filled the potholes to mark the two years anniversary, we are begging the new government, we beg him in the name of God, to fix our houses too because we are suffering. If he is a good Christian, he should come to our aid so we return to our house.

According to her, it is disgusting for authorities to come and fix the roads and prepare the area of the incident for the anniversary but are not interested in getting their houses fixed.

She debunked claims by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) that, about sixty per cent of the victims and survivors, have been sorted out.

“I have my house burnt as a result of the inferno and authorities will come and fix the roads in the vicinity to mark the event but those of us who lost our properties are neglected? It’s painful. We have not heard from NADMO or anyone. If the God that I worship is alive then he would speak to them”, she said.

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