Judge, Pips At ‘War’ Over Azimbe.


Blood-thirsty bullet penetrating information emanating from the barrel of the judiciary, crumbling into the yard of this investigative news portal has it that a big legal clash is set to take place in the coming days between a sub division of the Ghana Police Service, (police intelligence and professional standards), and the judiciary as the unit yesterday freed an alledged criminal who is currently on  a bench warrant.

The alleged criminal, Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri, who defrauded ‘ poor’ market women, nurses, close relatives, friends and politicians alike, ironically dodged a court summons and reported the police officer investigating the case to PIPS.

The police officer, identified only as Owusu, stationed in the Ashanti region, was hauled before PIPS, for inviting Emmanuel Azimbe to appear in court.

The very case in court is between one Alhaji, a Kumasi based business man and the alleged criminal in question, Emmanuel Azimbe.

Azimbe, who failed to appear in court, then reported the police investigator to PIPS, accusing the officer of  harassment.

The angry Alhaji, who stormed the national head quarters of PIPS with the police officer, could not bear any iota of patience, as he verbally attacked Azimbe.

Emmanuel Azimbe, is accused of defrauding the said Alhaji to the tune of sixty-eight thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢68,000).

The headquarters of PIPS, became a boxing arena, as the said Alhaji, wouldn’t take the directive of PIPS, asking Emmanuel Azimbe be left to walk free, despite the bench warrant.

This portal can authoritatively report that, Emmanuel Azimbe, defrauded his unsuspecting victims, using fake contract documents.

Some of the documents in the custody of this portal and under legal scrutiny, has fake signatures of heads of various state institutions.

The CEO of Winyellug Enterprise, Emmanuel Azimbe, used his company to fake the contract documents.

He is alleged to have changed ownership of his companies (Azimbe Hospital, Azimbe Maternity Home all in the upper East Region), after defrauding his unsuspecting victims of millions of cedis.

The bench is angry over PIPS directive and a subpoena is currently crushing to the poorly ventilated national offices of PIPS.

Sniffing gadgets of this portal, monitors the development from afar and will report to it conclusion.

Source: ghanaianeye.com



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