Jubilee House Steps Into Minister’s Dirty Love Affair


The Presidency, has been forced into the love affair of one of President Akufo-Addo’s top ministers by freeing the lady from the cells of the Marine Police in Tema, after the appointee, had resorted to using state power in his romantic affair by brutalizing his onetime lover.

The Herald is informed that, a senior lady in the Office of President, last week had to step into the matter, to get the traumatized lady bailed and released from the custody of the Tema-based Marine Police.

This paper’s sources, have mentioned Chief of Staff, Madam Frema Opare, as the top lady who stepped in to get the lady released from the Police custody.

This was after the Minister’s lover, had been charged with stealing a fresh Range Rover vehicle the Minister had bought for her from America, in preparation towards their marriage.

The police officers from the Marine Police, who stormed the Spintex Road home of the lady by name Jawara, shot dead two of her security dogs. The plain clothed officers, have been captured on video, dragging the lady away, while struggling for freedom.

Two of the police officers, with thick northern accent, were heard yelling to a man believed to be a brother of the minister’s lover, to stop videotaping the operation.

In one of the videos, the lady was heard shouting on top of her voice, instructing her brother to send out the videos and photographs of the dead dogs and the two police officers to as many people as possible. In another video, she was heard lamenting about the killing of her dogs.

As the police were asking her brother not to videotape them, Jawara, was also heard telling the police not to worry about the video going out, if they believed the operation they were carrying out was lawful.

The Minister, who was once in-charge of a state-owned institution was planning to marry Jawara, who hails from Bawku Upper East region, but lives in Accra as his second wife.

The Minister, last Wednesday, deployed the heavily armed police personnel to the residence of the lady off the Spintex Road in Accra, to retrieve the Range Rover from her.

Having failed, they shot her security dogs, severely assaulted her before dragging her to the police station near the Tema Habour area, where she was locked up till last Friday afternoon.

The Rambo-style operation by the Police, was engineered by the jealous Minister, who wanted to marry the lady, as his second wife, because his faith permits him.

In preparation of the Mohammedan marriage, he had flown the lady to Dubai for an expensive wedding shopping in the holiday destination in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) known for its luxury shopping.

The minister, had also bought the brand new Range Rover vehicle from America,under the cover his friend to make the lady whom he had been dating for the sometime now, feel assured and comfortable.

However, the relationship took a frosty note with suspicion from the Minister that Jawara was flirting with an area guy who drives a G-Wagon; a brand of Mercedes Benz.

The Herald is informed that things eventually got to a head, when the Minister recently drove to the residence of the lady; a house believed to have been acquired for the lady by him, and saw her being dropped off by the owner of the G-Wagon.

This infuriated the Minister, he called off the marriage and almost assaulted Jawara.

He later demanded the return of everything he had bought for her especially the fresh Range Rover, but the lady had outwitted him by hiding the car after clearing it from the Port Tema. The bill of lading on car was in her name, meaning she was the only person who could clear it from the port.

The minister, did not want his name mentioned as the buyer and importer of the vehicle hence had bought it in the name of his friend domiciled in the US to conceal the true ownership. All the papers were also in the name of the lady.

But when the Minister’s attempt to take back the expensive car failed, he called the police into the house to harass her to name the location of the vehicle, but this again failed and in the process.

The police ruthless with her by killing her dogs before dragging her to the police station Tema to lock her up on the orders of the minister.

As at last Friday, The Herald is informed that lawyers of the lady and those of the minister were planning a meeting to resolve the matter. The Jubilee House had to step in before the Police agreed to release her but before then, they had charged her for stealing.

The Herald learnt the mother of the lady had also rushed down from her base in Bawku to Accra to attend her daughter. This was after one of her sons who lives with Jawara and had witnessed the altercation between the Minister, the police and his sister reported the matter to her.

The Herald is informed that a story could be planted in the media in the coming days suggesting that Jawara rather tried to swindle the minister whose details are being withheld for now.

More to come!

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