Jubilee House Man Wants ACP Eklu Transferred


ACP David Eklu Nana Odeneho

The Director of Transport and Logistics at the Presidency, has  in an unusual manner gone public and launched a scathing attack on the Director General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu, and suggested he be fired for sleeping on the job.

It is unclear, what provoked the attack on the police officer, but  Odeneho Nana Oppong, is accusing DSP Eklu of belonging to a certain political party, leading to his reluctance in engaging the media to trumpet the good work of the Akufo-Addo administration.

According to the Director of Transport and Logistics at the Presidency, ACP David Eklu, is in bed with a political party, adding that his colleagues at the Police Headquarters, have hinted the government about this.

ACP Eklu’s connection to the political party, which the founder of the “Nana Addo One Touch” as well, “Nana For President (NAFOP)” didn’t mention, was his motivation for not throwing more light on the investment the government is making into the Police Service.

“Let me tell you, as an Officer, when power changes, you continue to work with the new government. When we came and started complaining about his ineffectiveness and disinterest in speaking about the work of the government with respect to the Service, his own colleagues at the Headquarters, informed us that he has taken that stance, because he belongs to another group (politically) reason he is unable to speak, else, he would look bad in the books of those people”.

Nana Oppong, who said this on Okay FM on Monday, said the government, would not sit down for such behavior to fester and therefore directed the Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante Appeatu, to crack the whip by transferring the likes of the director, to pave way for those, who are ready to work with the government.

“Transferring such officers is the best option, so that when they go to places where their services are less needed, they can even form a church and manage it. I am telling the IGP today that, he should transfer all the officers, who are sitting at the headquarters and idling about. He should transfer them to places where they can form churches”.

His outburst, comes on the heels of last month’s donation of vehicles by the government to the Service, after some others, were donated months ago.

According to Nana Oppong, ACP Eklu, has consistently failed to speak to these donations by the government in the public domain, making it appear, as though the government is doing nothing to retool the Service for effective and efficient policing.

Sounding very peeved about the director’s attitude, Nana Oppong, said his action was a deliberate ploy to make the government look unpopular in the eyes of the Ghanaian populace.

The onetime Regional Chairman of Garages Association in the Ashanti Region, said over the period, ACP Eklu, has shown that he was not prepared to work with the government of the day, even though that is the duty of every officer.

“You can’t be a dull director. It is expected that as director of the Service, he publicizes what the government is doing, so that he can even be promoted to a higher rank for everyone to see that he is working. He should change and talk more and get the public more informed. Would you believe that about four months ago, government donated pickups for the Operation Calm Life initiative, but he did not speak about it?

Look at how the President is working and he is sitting there, while Ghanaians complain, as though nothing is happening. We won’t allow that, we will ensure that, the government of Akufo-Addo succeeds”.

“We have given 200 pickups, and others, he should speak about them, so that the public will appreciate the work of the government. We are not saying he should engage in partisan politics, but speak and trumpet the work of the administration. We even provided Police with motorbikes recently which the officers are using to patrol the national capital, have you heard him speak about it?” he asked host, Kwame Nkrumah Tikiesie.

He said, unlike in the past when the Service was respected and revered; now, it is as though they have no teeth to bite. Most of them, all they do is to harass drivers, hide by the roadside and when they break the law, they threaten them with court action, then they extort money from them.

“In the past, the Police was feared, but these days what do we see? One or two soldiers are feared more than 10 police officers, because they have refused to work professionally”, he said.




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