Joy Fm Reporters Cast The First Stone!


Let any journalist at the Multimedia Broadcasting, who has never received ‘Soli’ before, let him or her cast the first stone.

We can say without a scintilla of doubt that every journalist, at the Multimedia at one point of their career or another has ever taken ‘Soli’.

The Multimedia group as a broadcasting house, has and always taken ‘Soli’, let alone those who work at the various stations across the country.

‘Soli’ comes in so many forms and shapes, how many times hasn’t a newspaper done stories that the station refused to review because it will hurt its advertisers.
We do not question the discretion of Multimedia, especially Joy FM, but this apparent hypocrisy of an attitude of holier than thou, is annoying and becoming an insult to its listeners.

Many newspapers have done stories against sponsors of their primetime programmes like the Super Morning Show (SMS), that the station has treated the story with disdain and contempt.

Have the station ever in upholding its ethical standards not done any negative stories about their major sponsors and advertisers.

If their conclusion about what happened at the Flagstaff House last Sunday was to induce journalist, then their station is equally guilty of that offence, because most if not all of their advertisers are also using that same strategy for them commit self censorship to keep them off their backs.

They should not behave like we all just came from Mars, we are journalist in this country, we have attended programmes with their reporters and we can say without any equivocation that they also accept ‘Soli”.

They could sit in their offices and tickle themselves into believing that when they send their reporters out to cover programmes, they do not take ‘Soli’, then they are living in self denial.

They are weighty issues that needed discussion, yet Joy FM, would waste time discussing an issue that is not peculiar to this government and this country.

The money was not given in secret, it was given in the open at the full glare of everybody who was there, the fact that those who represented Joy FM did not take, does not mean others from, Adom FM, ASempa FM, and Multi TV, did not take.

Are they not realizing that Ghanaians are getting tired of them, for which reason they are losing listenership.

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