Joy FM Finds Another Candy After Chewing SADA To The Bone


One of the basic principles in law, states that an accused person is presumed innocent, until proven otherwise by a competent court of jurisdiction. Note the sentence is “competent court of jurisdiction”, not public or media sentiments.

Unfortunately in Ghana, once an allegation is made against you, you are as guilty as charged, it is like given a dog a bad name and hanging it. This is the sad story of Subah Infosolution.

Joy FM, like a dog, has found a new bone and they are chewing it as they did to the Savannah Accelerated Development Authourity (SADA).

Recent revelations and report by the University of Development Studies (UDS) on the survival of the trees planted under SADA, as well as media reports, especially the ones carried by Abdul Malik Kweku Baako’s New Crusading Guide, suggest that the trees have indeed survived. But will they undo the damage they caused SADA and other agencies contracted by the Authourity to provide service?

The story has changed now, they have found a new subject to make themselves relevant, because sincerely speaking Joy FM, has lost it to Citi FM, in terms of English speaking radio station in Ghana. They ejaculate prematurely and most often get their stories wrong. The propaganda is becoming too much.

The radio station has laid its hands on another report and has gone to town with it, as they did with the SADA interim report.
Last Saturday, I was saddened to the bone, listening to the station’s news analysis programme, Newsfile. Among the panelist, was Asamoah Boateng, former Minister of Information under the erstwhile John Agyekum Kufuor administration and a Member of Parliament (MP) for Mfanstiman West, who himself stood trial for the award of a dubious contracts and illegal payments, to his wife, as a Minister of Information.

The trial has ended for some strange inexplicable reasons, the judge sitting on the case, who was expected to deliver his judgment long ago, has not done that. I can smell the long hands of some friends and cronies.

I remember Asamoah Boateng, who was stopped at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), from traveling to the United Kingdom (UK), with his wife Zulaika and children, was all over the place calling for public sympathy for the treatment meted out to him and his family.

Today he has also found his voice and is accusing some one of wrong doing. Indeed the pot calling the kettle black.
When this whole Subah Infosultion and the Ghana Revenue Authourity (GRA) contract brouhaha started with a short documentary done by Samuel Agyemang, formerly of Metro TV, a lot of people took everybody who had any link to the transaction to the cleanest.

The chorus of corruption from those who think they are holier than thou started, with the Government accused of collusion with Subah to steal the public money.

Several figures were bandied around and had extensive publication by the Chronicle newspaper, the author of the documentary was forced to come out and distanced himself from some of the publications, with respect to the figures, but no, some people have an agenda and they will not see any reason and wisdom, until they achieve what they set out to.

The media ethics and standards were thrown to the dogs, by people who have been in the industry for a very long time and ought to know better.
Let assume without admitting that they was something wrong with the contract, the question I want to ask is, was the telecos paying the right amount of tax and why did they not allow GRA to install the props in their system as require by law?

The crime of Subah Infosolution is that it is a Ghanaian company, if not why the hue and cry, even after a Committee’s report has exonerated them.

Last week, the Special Task Force established by the President, to check tax evaders at the port, uncovered some companies, importing items into the country under the guise of Free Zones, but the goods end up in the open market for sale. The so- called responsible media houses out to crucify Subah Infosultion did not find it as news worthy.

This agenda of killing anything Ghanaian is not going to help anybody. Take ten performing companies in this country, from banking, telecommunications, construction etc and eight will be foreign owned.

The telecos who are behind this negative agenda against Subah are owned by foreigners, who repatriate everything they make out of this country and because an indigenous company is in the process of exposing them they are out to crowed them out using some media houses.

It is reported that the National Communication Authourity (NCA) claim they did not know Subah Infosultion, but that is inconsequential as far as collecting our taxes are concern.

NCA has not done well as far as policing the telecos and ensuring that customers get value for money was concern.

In this modern time, where technology is available for sale, the telecos are giving their customers a raw deal. The work of the NCA is to ensure that we get quality service and failure on the part of telecos they get sanctioned.

How many times have they been sanctioned and how much has come by way of compensation to their customers. So yes, they could not be burden with the work of GRA, when they have not leaved up to expectation.

In this country, we are too quick to judge, we do not wish people get fair trial and once that public opinion is formed, it is difficult to change it.

Today anytime allegations of corruption are mentioned, Subah-GRA contract is added to the list. We have through our prejudices lost the definition of corruption; I do not know how a contract between two companies to execute a mandate constitutes corruption.

IMANI Ghana, led by it founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Franklin Cudjoe, who has made himself jack of all trade, is not ashamed after the report and so is still holding onto his maggot infested log. He pronounced Subah guilty before given them the opportunity to respond to the allegations and so it is only natural his reaction, when the report was released.

We cannot always expect things to go our way and the fact that one thinks that something is wrong does not make it so. Franklin and his IMANI guys are not the law; they cannot be a Judge in their own court.

We can talk and shout as loud as we can, if the report of the Committee says that there was nothing untoward about the contract, we let sleeping dogs lie.

Today it is Subah Infosultion, which Ghanaian company will be next? Let us tread cautiously before we kill our own.

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