Journalists Have Become Endangered Species Under Akufo-Addo

The shock of the arrest and subsequent torture two MordernGhana journalists by National Security operatives, over a sundry offence of cybercrime, is still reverberating.

The arrest and torture, which was carried within forty eight hours, came less than two months after the world observed World Press Freedom Day.

Since January 2017, upon the assumption of office of this administration, the media in Ghana, has suffered more brutalities than all the regimes combined in the Fourth republican dispensation.

President Akufo-Addo, has been touted as a human right lawyer and a promoter of press freedom, but all that, accolades can’t find expression with him as the head of state, in a country that has been acclaimed in the world as making space for divergent views.

This specter of shame which has engulfed this government, flies in the face of who we are as Ghanaians.

The voices of reason, which once echoed in the country under a particular regime, have gone silent, even in the face of harsher and intolerant times.

The trend where Journalists are either arrested or beaten is a worry for the profession.

Journalists in Ghana, under a government, which claims to believe in the rule of law is facing more persecution and threats to their lives for carrying out their constitutionally assigned roles as the fourth estate of the realm.

What happened to Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri, Deputy Editor of ModernGhana, should not go unpunished.

All those National Security Operatives involved in the act, should be made to answer for their action.

We are not convinced that, will happen, because even the broad day light bravado that marred the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election and the subsequent setting up of a Committee, with all its recommendations, has not seen the light of day. So we expect nothing, but a cover up in this instance.

As a newspaper, we cannot but be worried at this unwarranted violence against journalists and media houses, who are only trying to carry out their role of informing the public about events in the country and holding the government and its officials accountable to the people.

The level of intolerance is becoming too much.



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