Jon Benjamin Joins The Obinim Sticker Challenge


Bishop Daniel Obinim is trending once again and as usual, it’s for something completely and utterly absurd.

This ‘man of God’ has a dedicated fan base who believe his constant stream of lies including claiming recently that he flew to heaven but at least one gets the sense majority of the population now see him for the charlatan he is.

After an audio of some church members praising his ‘stickers’ for their miraculous properties were leaked, the rest of the country took over to create the most hilarious miracles attributed to him.

And former UK High Commissioner Jon Benjamin, who can never be left out of any good social media banter, joined in and revealed his own personal testimony related to Obinim’s stickers.

“I stuck an #Obinim sticker on my head last night and when I woke up this morning I had two heads ….. but no brain.” Benjaminin quipped via his social media platform of choice, twitter.

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