John Peter Amewu Must Get Serious

No day passes without reports of allegations of wrongdoing leveled against members of the past administration.

What is benumbing is the fact that, despite the present administration, haven’t the mandate of Ghanaians, to set things right, they rather come to lament to us.

Relentlessly, the allegations just keep being thrown around. Sadly, we all know that it is only a court of competent jurisdiction, which is clothed with the powers to pronounce one guilty or innocent.

The latest to reduce governance to a joke is the minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu.

In an interview with the media, he is quoted to have said that, the previous administration, shared lands like kelewele.

Amewu, should focus his attention on more important and pressing issues. There is shortage of timber in the country, the rate at which the forest is being depleted, if nothing is done to reclaim it, ten years from now, we won’t have any tree left, let alone timber.

Let us assume without admitting that, the allegation he made is true, we wish to remind him that, the giving away of state lands at ridiculous prices, did not start with the previous administration, it predates it.

Two deputy ministers, in the Prof. John Evans Atta Mills’s administration, took the late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey to court for buying state land at a giveaway price.

There was a tall list of individuals, linked to the New Patriotic Party, including the former Chief Justice (CJ), Georgina Theodora Wood, who were allocated state lands, during the tenure of John Agyekum Kufuor.

We at the Herald, are not suggesting the practice is good, but we are only reminding the minister, to look within, before casting the first stone.

The wanton sale of state lands, have assumed various caricature, since the early 90s, at one point, it was land reclamation, and integration, it assumed another name, land redistribution and development, etc.

Our current crop of leaders, must know that, whatever resources we entrust to them, it is for the benefit of present and future generations.




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