John Mahama Is Ndc’s Best Hope For 2020


…… NDC opinion Leader says.

By Bernard Quanson

A 2016 National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Aspirant for Awutu–Senya East Constituency, Mr Daniel Awer, has stated that the best Presidential Candidate to lead the NDC in the 2020 Presidential race is Former President, John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking in an Exclusive interview in Accra with the Herald, Mr Awer stressed that, Mr Mahama was a Former Vice- President and a Former President par excellence, positions which his six or more competitors have never attained.

Apart from these outstanding pedigree of the Former President, he advised that it was better for NDC delegates to vote for Mr Mahama, because he is the most marketed person in the race,  who can match the current President, Akuffo Addo and defeat him in 2020.

Furthermore, Mr Awer argued that when it comes to infrastructural development, there is no Head of State or President who can be compared to John Mahama after the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who is also the Founder of Ghana.

He noted that, the only NDC Aspiring Presidential Candidate, who can debate and win the incumbent President in any competitive debate is Mahama and not any other person, who have so far declared their intention to go into the enviable race.

According to Mr Awer, who is also a respected elder and a Royal in Awutu- Senya East Traditional Area, Mr Mahama, having secured about 44 per cent of votes in the 2016 elections, needs just a little over 10 per cent votes to win the Presidential slot, adding that, the inability for Nana Addo and his administration to turn the economy around, leading to untold hardship that has bedevilled the nation, Mr Mahama can secure an overwhelming victory, should NDC re- elect him as their flag bearer in their upcoming primaries.

He also noted that when it comes to communication, John Mahama, has demonstrated that he is a great speaker, an art which the former President, has demonstrated over the years.

Mr Awer also noted that since Mahama has gotten the blessings of the founder of NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, there is no doubt that the former first gentleman can make it, as he did in the 2012 general elections.

He continued that, John Mahama is the most affable and charismatic aspirant in the NDC race and added that it is better to vote for charismatic characters in such races.

Touching on international exposure and connections, he said there is no single Aspirant who can compare himself to Mahama as a former President, who had toured the world and interacted with all the powers that be, including the Queen of England and leaders of US and France among many other powerful nations.

He said, Ghanaians have now seen clearly the difference between the current President and that of Mahama, and would not waste time at all to vote for Mahama in the 2020 election.

He said persons who say the former president, should not contest, especially from opposition Parties, are only afraid of him, because he is poised to win in 2020.

He, however, advised the former President to appoint only mature, experienced and well educated politicians, and desist from using the youth, who have not achieved much in life, since such people will be only interested in seeking for wealth at the detriment of good governance.

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