Joe Osei-Wusu Shouldn’t Insult Our Intelligence

For some weeks now, the polity is charged with the intended introduction of mandatory towing fee for all vehicle owners.

In the midst of the brouhaha, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Wusu, has decided to throw the first salvo, by describing all those kicking against the rip-off, as narrow-minded.

This is the same man, who as head of the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authourity (DVLA), decided to outsource most of the operations of the authourity.

We can’t forget too soon, the processes and how some private pockets were lined when DVLA, outsourced its vehicle testing operations to private companies.

Nobody needs to tell the arrogant, rapacious, gluttonous Joe Osei Wusu, why we are having too many accidents on our roads, caused by broken down vehicles, it is because he as the Boss of DVLA, mortgaged our lives to his friends and cronies.

Despite the strident and deluge of protests from the generality of the populace who elected them, the First Deputy Speaker, can choose to address our concerns by insulting us, all we can tell him is, he has the power now.

It is now emerging that, he started pushing for this programme as far as 2007, when he was the DVLA boss, so it is no wonder why, anybody who opposes the levy is narrow minded.

The panacea to the problem, is not farfetched, close down or streamline the activities of the various private companies issuing road worthy certificates, that is where the ‘goro’ boys ply their trade now.

Another question that begs asking is, what measures have been put in place to surcharge Road Safety Management Services Limited (RSMSL), should they fail to provide adequate and efficient service.

How can you give a blank cheque to one company, to provide a service that is feeding thousands of other Ghanaians, without the same capacity as RSMSL?

Our politicians’ penchant for ostentatious life style should be discarded; everything they do is to ensure that their stream continues flowing.



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