JJ Rawlings: REGSEC Must Be Given Powers To Execute Murderers


The former President, Jerry John Rawlings, foresees more politically motivated killings, unless Parliament passes a law that will empower regional security councils (REGSEC) to execute murderers.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives from the family of murdered Abuakwa North MP, JB Danquah-Adu, the former President, noted that the MP’s murder happened, because past politically motivated killings have not been punished.

“Our Constitution empowers us and gives us the right to punish, to exact the same level of punishment and if we cannot do it, to serve as a lesson, to those who are taking others’ lives with ease, then please I’d like to use this occasion – I should have done this a long time ago – to invite Parliament to consider the need to look into our constitution as to whether we should not now empower the regional security councils to sign or to approve the taking of a life for a life,” Mr Rawlings said.

Family of the Abuakwa North MP, who was killed on February 9, had called on Rawlings at his residence on Wednesday March 16.

“We all believe in the New Testament, but if some people are determined to conduct their lives along the Old Testament, then please let’s not give them the other cheek to slap,” Jerry Rawlings surmised.

He suggests, if Presidents of Ghana are refusing to sign execution orders of murderers on death row, then Parliament must take a second look at the law on capital
punishment to decentralise that executive power and make it possible for REGSECs across the country to execute those orders.

Despite the arrest of the suspect in JB Danquah Adu’s, some have suggested the Abuakwa South MP’s killing was politically motivated.

The self-confessed 19-year-old killer of the MP said he scaled a ladder into the MP’s abode to steal but murdered the MP accidently.

He is currently standing trial.

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