Japan Signs $1.2 Million Human Resource Development Grant Agreement With Ghana


Japan, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, has signed a grant agreement of $1.2 million towards sponsoring 10 young government officials to pursue their Master’s degree programmes in Japanese universities.

The scholarship, under the Human Resource Development programme, is targeting highly capable, young government officials who are expected to help in formulating and implementing social and economic development plans for Ghana’s prosperity.

The Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship is to support human resource development in Ghana, targeting highly capable, young government officials and others who are expected to engage in formulating and implementing social and economic development plans and to become leaders in the country. Under this program, participants shall also contribute to an expanded and enhanced foundation for bilateral relations between Ghana and Japan as persons having well-rounded knowledge of Japan.

Participants accepted by the program will acquire expert knowledge, conduct research, and build human networks at Japanese universities, and are expected to use such knowledge to take an active role in solving practical problems of the social and economic development issues that the country is confronted with. Considering that participants need to finish their study in Japan as soon as possible so that they can participate in the works of formulating policy and perform other duties in key positions in the core of the government, the degree to be offered to participants shall be master’s degrees which usually require two years of study at Japanese universities. The language of study shall, in principle, be English.

Receiving the grant on behalf of the Government of Ghana, Hannah Tetteh, Minister for Foreign Affairs, expressed gratitude to the Government of Japan and its commitment to developing and enhancing the capacity of a critical section of Ghana’s workforce.

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