James Avedzi; Court The NDC Media First Before….


I dare say that leadership thrives on compassion, a willingness to be fanatical about the welfare of those led.

For the purpose of curiosity, I would want to get ahead of myself and ask how exactly the Member of Parliament for Ketu North Constituency, Dr James Avedzi Klutse, thinks the National Democratic Congress (NDC) intends to court the media.

Charity they say begins at home. So let me begin from the August House, where James Avedzi Klutse is the deputy minority leader.

Without having conducted any research, I can safely say, media houses, especially newspapers that are predisposed to the National Democratic Congress are more than those of the New Patriotic Party, but the question I have for the honourable Member of Parliament is, how many of those newspapers (NDC), have his members (MPs) subscribed to?

The New Patriotic Party majority MPs in the August House have all individually subscribed to newspapers that do the bidding of the party. This gesture did not start today, but when the NPP was in opposition.

The NPP, have always empathized and taken care of their own, the NDC on the other hand believes in each for himself and God for us all.

The NDC party was in power for eight years, had all the resources at its disposal, it did not use incumbency advantage to court and build its own, now that it is in opposition that is when it has found it to necessary to court the media. I think this is a useful reminder that in the quicksand of politics, leaders must seize the momentum while they can, you don’t wait to make promises when power has eluded you.

Courting someone is ultimately a learned behavior, the NDC must begin to see it media houses, as being credible before making any effort to court other media houses, which do not share in the ideology of the party.

The eight years that the party was in power, attempt was made to feed fat media houses that are anti-government at the expense of its own.

The NDC media were denied of advert, adverts that were done were not paid for and yet we were expected to compete favourably against other media houses.

In order to convince someone to your side, you must demonstrate to the person that, those who are already following me are getting their due. The party has a herculean task of convincing media houses to their side, when they look at how malnourished and underfunded their own media houses are.

Those whose palm kernel, has been cracked for them by some benevolent gods must show humility, but over the years politics and politicians in this part of the world, has made people to forget where they came from.

The NDC does not pay its debt; it always wants to be in arrears but yet wants to buy tomorrow.

The deputy Minority leader, has said what should have been said last year, his words are not enough for some of us to start jumping for joy. I will wait to see what happens from today onwards.

I have a few proposals to make to the honourable MP.

First of all, he and the leadership of the minority must ensure that, all MPs on their side subscribe to at least one or two pro-NDC newspapers.

No media house can thrive without money, for a newspaper money is realized through; sales, advert and subscription. With the kind of politics we do in our clime, an opposition newspaper is starved of advert; it can only rely on sales, some few subscriptions and benevolence of people.

The NDC newspapers, were in opposition even when their party was in power, the situation is going to get worse with the coming into office of the New Patriotic Party.

As pathetic as it may sound, even the party headquarters of the National Democratic Congress, does not subscribe to any pro-NDC newspaper.

Since the beginning of the year, the Enquirer is yet to hit the newsstand, so is the Palaver newspaper.

How did we get to a point, where newspapers that were vibrant and relevant when the NDC was in opposition, get to a point where they almost went extinct, when the NDC came to power and the cycle has started again

James Avedzi Kludze, must use his position to appeal to his minority members in parliament to subscribe to our newspapers, that is the only way they can strengthen their own.

A good parent will not be in a hurry to give away the little food at home, which is not enough to feed the family to outsiders, because he wants to look good in the eyes of the outsiders.

We have a saying in our local parlance that, ‘outside gentility, home cry’, this unfortunately is the stock in trade of the NDC. They prefer to feed their enemies fat at the expense of their own, because they are convinced that, their people, will always take the bullet for them even in hunger and anger.

Whether the NDC will court the media or not, does not lie in the mouth of James Avedzi, silence is often golden, especially when you do not have anything to say, they must begin to walk the talk.

The NDC owes itself a duty to impress upon the MPs the urgent need to subscribe to our papers.

I am aware that the NDC, has been desperately trying to rebrand itself in a positive way, this they have been doing since 2007. That is a good thing as every strong democracy needs a strong opposition party.

The ethos of democracy is all about choices, we all choose to belong to one political party or another. Whichever party we choose, we dedicate ourselves to defend the actions and inactions of its members, all for the greater good of Ghana.

There is nothing like an independent media anywhere in the world. We are defined by philosophies, convictions and so, we are divided in the middle, by being center-right or centre-left.

The successes, and the future of the NDC media depends largely on the commitment of every member of the party, they should stop demanding free copies of the papers and go out to buy, no media house can survive without money.

Survival instinct is an elemental part of human nature, the earlier NDC learn this the better.





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