I’ve Taken A Backstage –Koku Anyidoho


Former Communications Director at the Presidency under the Mills administration, Koku Anyidoho says he remains an integral member of the Mahama administration.

Speaking on the XYZ Breakfast Show last Friday ahead of the first anniversary of late President John Mills, Mr. Anyidoho said he appears to have taken a backstage because “times have changed”.

Explaining further he said, “Roles have changed” adding that “…Not too many ministers in the Atta-Mills era are at post, so obviously roles have changed and people have gotten into new shoes and are walking on new paths and so Koku Anyidoho is no longer the Director of Communications…at the Presidency [but] I still operate under the presidency from the national security perspective, because its under the office of the President”.

Mr. Anyidoho says he also went off the media radar so as to insulate himself from possible criminal contempt as suffered by some people during the hearing of the election petition case.

“You don’t want to be jailed for contempt”, he said.

“…We just want the Court case to finish; lets run through the court case, let President Mahama move and stay focused without this unnecessary distraction; once that happens, we close the ranks and there would be a lot that we will still be able to do”, Koku Anyidoho explained.

He says though he has not had the opportunity “to be doing media circuiting” as he used to do when he was Director of Communications, he nonetheless remained “very much an integral part of the Mahama administration”.

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